Quality Management

Management responsibility includes the determination and highly effective fulfilment of the requirements and expectations of our customers and other interested parties, e.g. employees, suppliers, share holders and society.

In order to ensure that we will also maintain a leading market position in the future, we commit ourselves to continuous improvement with regard to quality, reliability and maintainability of our products. The quality of our work is evaluated by our customers. Apart from the delivery of perfect products and services, adherence to schedules is also an important factor. Our readiness to respond promptly to all justified requirements stated by our customers shall be part of our expression of how we see ourselves. Absolute priority is given to the prevention of nonconformities rather than their correction. The correction of a failure alone is not enough; responsible action also includes the elimination of its causes.

Customer Orientation
Our organization is active in the international markets and our long-term business success can be achieved only by maintaining our global activities. For this reason we adjust our corporate strategy to the requirements of our customers with regard to improved quality and a consistent quality level, effective OHS and environmental protection, a high degree of delivery effectiveness and a general reduction of cost. Our international business relations require an intensified and reliable relationship between customer and supplier.