Laser Drilling of Crystalline Solar Cells

Laser Drilling for Optimizing the Efficiency of Solar Cells

Also for drilling applications the direct vapor pressure-induced melt ejection by nanosecond laser pulses is used in percussion drilling or trepanning processes.

Rear Contact Solar Cells

Rear Contact Solar Cells

Rear side solar cells make strip lines on the front side unnecessary and enhance the solar active surface and hence the cell efficiency. Also the interconnection of individual solar cells to modules can be realized without any electrical connection from the front to the rear. With the metal wrap through (MWT) process applies the soldering line which are necessary for the interconnection in the module, to the rear side of the solar cell. For this purpose,  25 – 50 holes are drilled into each solar cell with diameters ranging from 300 – 500 microns in grids and filled with conductive material.

With the EWT method, emitter wrap through method, the entire contacting of the negatively doped layers is transferred to the rear and approx. 15.000 holes with diameters of 60 – 70 microns are drilled. For this application q-switched disc lasers offer not only an ideal pulse width regime but also a high performance in the TEM00 fundamental mode realizing throughput rates of up to 5,000 holes per second.


For these applications we recommend: Lab System