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Pic. 1: ROFIN The MPS family – each version individually configured for specific laser requirements

Pic. 2: ROFIN Laser plastic welding with MPS Compact

Pic. 3: ROFIN Select Fiber for highprecision laser welding

Pic. 4: ROFIN CombiLine Basic – efficient 3D laser marking

Pic. 5: ROFIN 3D marking on free-form surfaces

Pic. 6: ROFIN PowerLine Pico – compact and integrationfriendly with high peak power

Pic. 7: ROFIN EasyMark – the compact laser marking system for a wide range of materials

Laser material processing for automated production lines at Productronica, Munich (10.-13. Nov. 2015)

With this year’s presentation in hall B3 (booth 317), ROFIN focuses on customer tailored and cost-efficient solutions for industrial laser material processing. The leading laser manufacturer is running one of the largest and best equipped application labs worldwide to transform market- and customer-specific requirements specifications into efficient integration systems or turnkey solutions.

Tailor-made solutions for automated, high-precision processing of metals and plastics
ROFIN’s successful MPS series provides an excellent basis for customer tailored laser material processing for automated manufacturing. Four systems of different size can be equipped with a multitude of modules and motion systems to realize customized manufacturing units for laser welding, cutting, structuring, polymer welding or drilling. At the Productronica, ROFIN showcases an integrated system for laser welding and cutting, based on the MPS Flexible and a StarFiber laser. A versatile solution even for varying manufacturing processes.


Development of sophisticated turnkey solutions
Showcased live at ROFIN in hall 3 as well: Plastic welding with MPS Compact and Compact Evolution diode lasers. ROFIN’s applications specialists are developing customized, often highly complex clamping
units, which are used with either a pneumatic or a servo clamping drive with integrated setting signal and level generation.
The plastics welding solution is available in two versions: as turnkey solution, based on a MPS workstation or as integration package including laser source, clamping unit and control software. The control software for the joining process has been specially developed for polymer welding applications e.g. to deliver a setting signal and level for process control and quality assurance.
But this is only a small sample of the MPS series capabilities. There is a multitude of efficient laser manufacturing solutions based on MPS systems already installed worldwide. Take the most advanced laser cutting process for glass, sapphire, ceramics and other brittle materials as an example - ROFIN’s SmartCleave™ FI.

Select Fiber - high-precision welding for prototype and small batch production
Now available with a pulsed fiber laser source, the Select Fiber opens up new horizons in fine welding, especially of miniaturized parts. The all-purpose laser welding system Select already set the benchmark
with its unique control concept, which seamlessly integrates manual, joystick controlled and CNC operation. The Select Fiber is the first of its kind to offer all the fiber laser benefits - utmost fineness, absolute process reliability and lowest possible maintenance within a manual laser welding workstation.


CombiLine Basic - efficient marking of curved workpieces
Live at Productronica: 3D marking with CombiLine Basic. ROFIN offers an integrated software module, which allows for visualization on any free-form surfaces by means of distortion-free parallel projection. This parallel projection ensures the geometrically correct reproduction of the marking layout even on curved or irregularly shaped surfaces. The optionally available Fast Focusing Module (FFM) perfects the processing of irregularly shaped parts, particularly where significant divergences in height and large marking fields are involved.

PowerLine Pico und PowerLine Prime - most compact and integration-friendly laser sources
With their high pulse peak power the PowerLine Pico short-pulse lasers deliver excellent marking quality with minimum surface roughness and highly selective ablation. Short pulses with reduced thermal penetration depth help to mark sensitive materials like certain metals and semiconductors. Featuring a short laser head with detachable connectors, the PowerLine Prime 15 is optimized for easy integration and instant operational readiness. The efficient, air-cooled system marks various materials with high quality and speed. It comes with a pilot laser and variable beam expansion.

EasyMark - more options for bulk production applications
The desktop marker EasyMark has been optimized for industrial manufacturing as well. AutoLock, an optional door-locking mechanism, avoids any unintentional interruption of the marking process. Otherwise, failure of security-related marking processes may lead into a complete loss of the batch. The optional available mini-SPS interface allows for closer integration into automated production lines. When it comes to marking precious or unique workpieces SmartView generates a live picture overlay to facilitate precise marking layout positioning.


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