Press Release

Picture: Preetham Raman (left) MD from BEKO-KARE proudly presents his new NA302N laser system in Thun Switzerland together with Wolfgang Hemmer-Girod, Oliver Jentschke and Andreas Ewald, MD (left to right) from ROFIN-LASAG.

BEKO-KARE India introduces lasers from ROFIN-LASAG for micro-surgery needles

Thun, September 02, 2014: ROFIN-LASAG and BEKO-KARE bring first pulsed Nd:YAG laser technology for suture needle hole drilling to India. ROFIN-LASAG, proudly partners with BEKO-KARE in introducing the first equipment to the Indian market, now expects a surge in demand for their product from this region and South-East Asia.

Apart from lasers from ROFIN-LASAG SWITZERLAND, BEKO-KARE would be the first to introduce laser handling equipment, automatic grinding systems, electro-polishing units from Germany and other high-tech equipment from Europe and America. Thus BEKO-KARE would have a fully automated plant, producing high volume of laser drilled suture needles in the highest quality on par with the best in the business worldwide and at the same time be very competitively priced for the benefit of their customers.

LASAGs’ NA302N offers unique properties to drill smallest cylindrical holes into eyeless suture needles used for microsurgery in ophthalmic and brain surgery. This laser system enables BEKO-KARE to produce millions of suture needles with high variety and quality.


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