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Fig. 1: Tobias Teigelkötter, (in front of the EasyJewel marking system) goldsmith and graduate designer and consultant for the jewelry department at COHERENT-ROFIN for the last 20 yearsFig. 2: EasyJewel – the compact laser engraving system for highest standards – especially designed for circumferential seamless designs

Fig. 2: EasyJewel – the compact laser engraving system for highest standards – especially designed for circumferential seamless designs

Fig. 3: The compact laser engraving, marking and cutting system

Fig. 4: The value-for-money compact tabletop manual laser welder

Fig. 5: Ralf Sonnet, one of the laser experts for the jewelry market at COHERENT-ROFIN

COHERENT-ROFIN in the Jewelry Industry

Back in 1992, Baasel Lasertech showcased the Performance  for the first time and in this way defined a new market: manual laser welding machines for jewelers. 15 years later, ROFIN-Baasel’s EasyJewel set the benchmark for most convenient laser engraving of rings. Today, with more than 10.000 laser welding and laser marking systems sold, COHERENT-ROFIN is proud to be the laser manufacturer with the longest standing history in the jewelers and goldsmiths business. Come and talk to our jewelry experts at VICENZAORO / T-GOLD, Vicenza, pavilion, booth 125 from January 20 – 25 or at INHORGENTA, Munich, hall A2, booth 417 from February 18 – 21.

Long-term partnerships with jewelry experts 

All this wouldn’t have happened without close collaboration with jewelry insiders. Wolfgang Illich, Product Line Manager at COHERENT-ROFIN, mentions: “We know a lot about lasers, but outstandingly practical solutions can only be developed in close cooperation with jewelry experts. Our sales partner Tobias Teigelkötter, a goldsmith and graduate designer from Werne, has been our consultant for 20 years now. He as well as many others made a large contribution to our success“. Close cooperation with established goldsmiths is one part of COHERENT-ROFIN’s strategy. Partnership with leading jewelry industry suppliers all over the world is another. Wolfgang Illich: “We are proud of our long-term partnership with Stuller Inc., number one in the U.S. business. This helps to keep our eyes and ears open for new ideas from outside“. Stuller accompanied e.g. the development of the Desktop, a bench-top jewelry version of the manual laser welding system Performance.The long-term sales partners of COHERENT-ROFIN in the jewelry business J. Schmalz (hall A2, booth 420), Laser-In GmbH (hall A2, booth 553) both located in Pforzheim and Teigelkötter Lasertechnik (hall A2, booth 417) located in Werne will be exhibiting at INHORGENTA in Munich.

Jewelers call for reliable and versatile solutions 

Laser systems are most likely one of the biggest investments jewelers or goldsmiths will ever make. COHERENT-ROFIN is well aware of this and constantly optimizes the versatility and economic feasibility of its solutions. Take the EasyJewel as an example. The bench-top laser system for all marking and engraving tasks, now  also cuts metal sheets of up to 1.2 mm thickness with high accuracy and perfect edge quality. It efficiently replaces a task which up until now had been carried out manually. A versatile system can be used in a multitude of ways, which helps to optimize its utilization and saves time compared to challenging manual work.“It’s the whole package that makes the difference“, states Ralf Sonnet; expert at COHERENT-ROFIN in laser material processing in the jewelry industry, he has been involved since day one of the introduction of laser technology within the industry. “Working with precious and often unique pieces is a Goldsmith’s daily routine. His tools have to provide maximum reliability and safety. Like the ring marking module (RMM). With the clever ring clamping and the comfortable angle adjustment, handling is a breeze.The VLM Easy-GUI software guides the operator automatically through the input program and requests all necessary information in order to avoid input error. Only minimum input is required to set up the marking process in no time. That kind of elegant and smart solution you will find nowhere else.

Cutting-edge technology 

At T-GOLD / VICENZAORO, COHERENT-ROFIN also showcases the OTF (On-The-Fly) engraving, which achieves immaculate engravings all around rings without any distortions and visible seams. OTF is especially suitable for large engravings that usually require pattern tiling. Instead of this the process is performed on-the-fly without stopping the rotation of the ring, which means less setup time and far superior results at the same time.
Engraving precious pieces or unique items is a crucial task. There can be only one attempt. Replacement will be expensive or even impossible. SmartView helps by overlaying a live image on the workpiece and makes precise positioning of the layout simple.?The SPEEDmode for Performance or Desktop more than doubles the power of the system and enables pulse repetition rates up to 100Hz. Therefore the SPEEDmode speeds up many processes and enables applications that need the melt to flow.There are thousands of goldsmiths and jewelry manufacturers who rely on the market-leading manual laser welders Desktop and Performance. COHERENT-ROFIN’s product lineup actually served as a blueprint for quite a few other suppliers.  With its 7th generation, the Performance still sets the benchmark for the finest and most economic welds in jewelry manufacturing and repair. Proven and tested controls, like a large touch-screen, a dynamic foot switch, and weld-assist functions, simplify everyday work. The patented SweetSpot Resonator® providing consistent weld quality, constant depth of focus from the first laser pulse to the last, and parallax-free microscope vision are essential prerequisites for difficult tasks in the goldsmith’s workshop.

Individual support by jewelry insiders

COHERENT and ROFIN are now one - the biggest laser manufacturer worldwide with more than 5.000 employees and 20.000 customers.   However, finding the optimum laser solution for each individual customer, including setup and application support, is deeply embedded in the company’s genes. COHERENT-ROFIN develops and produces the EasyJewel and Performance, as well as all other systems of its laser-tools series in Germany. Individual sales and support for jewelers and goldsmiths is carried out by more than two dozen specialized partners around the globe.

Special offer at VICENZAORO and IHORGENTA

For all products COHERENT-ROFIN offers special deals like prolonged warranty times, an automatic door or the laser welding PLUS package (including SpeedMode, BurstMode, etc.). Feel free to ask at VICENZAORO, T-GOLD in Vicenza pavilion booth 125 or INHORGENTA, hall A2, booth 417 show in Munich.

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