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Picture: The new fiber-coupled diode laser ROFIN DF 060 HP with 6 kW optical output power

Consequent enhancement of the product range: ROFIN’s new 6 kW fiber-coupled, high-power diode laser

Hamburg/Munich, Germany, May 11, 2015: The Hamburg ROFIN macro group broadens its product range with a new series of fiber-coupled, high-power diode lasers for all industrial tasks such as hardening, brazing, soldering and coating. ROFIN will present the new DF 060 HP with an optical output power of 6 kW for the first time at the LASER World of Photonics in Munich, Germany from June 22 – 25, 2015.


“The development of the DF lasers was quite obvious to us; we have the diode specialists from DILAS in our company group and we have a very profound knowledge in materials processing. It suggests itself to bundle these facts in a new diode laser which broadens our product range and leads to a real additional value for our customers”, explains Thorsten Frauenpreiß, general manager of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. “Now we can offer diode lasers, a product with growing demand, beside the well-known fiber and CO2 lasers, and are able to find the best solution for the customer’s tasks irrespective of the laser technology.”


Converting electrical power directly into laser radiation is by far the most efficient way. Inside a ROFIN diode laser, multiple diode laser modules – each providing an optical output power of 1 kW – are combined together and coupled into a multi-mode single core fiber. Each module is monitored individually and can be replaced on site if necessary.


The high efficiency and smooth beam profile makes the new diode laser an ideal tool for all tasks in surface treatment applications. The wavelength close to 1 µm achieves high absorption in many materials and ensures best results.


Its modular design allows scalable power and ensures high availability. Furthermore, the standardized customer interface, as well as a remote access for diagnostics by the ROFIN service team, provides highest user-friendliness.


The robust system comes with an integrated cooling unit, enabling the use of standard industrial tap water, which is usually available in industrial fields. Thanks to the climate control of the cabinet, which comes as an optional feature, the laser can be operated in environments with a high degree of humidity. For wavelength-specific applications like optical pumping, single wavelength configurations are available on request.


Compact, easy to integrate and available with a broad range of optional accessories, the DF diode laser series allows maximum flexibility and high production throughput in industrial manufacturing lines. ROFIN’s customers benefit from our 40 years experience in laser materials processing, from professional guidance independent of laser technologies, as well as ROFIN’s worldwide service and qualified training concepts.


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