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EasyMark – the compact laser marker with full-fledged CAD extension

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Full-fledged CAD extension for the compact desktop laser marking system EasyMark

EasyMark goes CAD

… exciting news for all present and future users of ROFIN’s EasyMark: the
compact desktop laser marking system now offers a full-fledged CAD extension.
Usually, software solutions for laser marking are designed for applying the appropriate laser parameters to the layouts, positioning them on the marking field and controlling the marking process. Most of the time major modifications cannot be made to the avail-able CAD data. This is a constraint every user is confronted with when getting deficient marking data which then often leads to extensive post-processing with an external CAD software package.

Integrated CAD suite for Visual Laser Marker 5Those days are gone. ROFIN’s compact laser marking system EasyMark now offers a full-fledged CAD suite for its Visual Laser Marker (VLM) software version 5 as an option. Compared to other software solutions, the VLM CAD extension is a huge step up, with a variety of specific features for integrated and efficient work flow.

CAD data and laser parameter are still one entity

The CAD extension processes the CAD objects and includes the assigned laser param-eter sets. This applies not only to modifications of existing objects, but also to creation of new objects which adopt data sets of adjacent lines in a very intelligent way. In this way, repetitive and post parameterizing of the marking data after layout changes areal-most completely eliminated.

Specific CAD objects for laser processing
For circles with a central angle of more than 360° for overlap contours, rectangles with defined corner radii for retaining the path speeds – ROFIN’s CAD extension provides specific objects tailored to laser processing. Together with the VLM extension, this makes creating completely new marking layouts much easier.

CAD easy operation
Conventional CAD systems are often difficult to master because usability, 3D orienta-tion, selection and modification of objects are too complex. With ROFIN’s CAD exten-sion, however, each user will quickly become familiar with its clear selection of functions and the intelligent context-related support. In addition, supplementary programs facili-tate positioning and modifying of objects.

Flexible laser CAD solution at attractive prices
The cost for ROFIN’s laser CAD solution is far below the license costs of industrial CAD systems; and provides a full-fledged, laser-optimized, and user-friendly CAD solution for laser marking. One of the big advantages is that the license allows local operation on a PC which up to now had to be used with an external CAD system. 
VLM 5 with CAD extension is not only the ideal solution for easily modifying existing marking data, but in particular is a complete replacement of external CAD systems for designing new marking layouts.

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