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Manual welding laser Performance

Manual welding laser Select

Manual welding laser Integral

StarCut Tube with tube loader - the 4-axis CNC laser cutting system

Laser cut polymer stent

Laser solutions, tailor-made for medical device manufacturing

At the world‘s largest medical marketplace - MEDICA 2013  in Dusseldorf - ROFIN will showcase enhanced laser welding and cutting solutions for high-precision medical device manufacturing.

ROFIN supports validation of welding processes

Manual welding laser systems are standard tools for manufacturing medical device products. And as process validation as required by the FDA authorities makes specific demands to manual and semi-automated welding processes, ROFIN supports the pro-cess validation process by integrating various additional functions into the welding sys-tems Select and Integral. Monitoring of all laser parameters and assist gas monitoring form the basis for reliable and validated processes. In addition, ROFIN arranges for the realization and documentation of the installation and operational qualification (IQ, OQ), according to the GMP standards for the FDA authorization of medical device products.

StarCut Tube - new automatic tube loader and cutting head
The 4-axes CNC laser cutting system StarCut Tube allows to transform numerous me-chanical machining steps into a single laser processing routine. With CNC-driven rotary-, x-, y- and z-axes and a solid granite machine set-up, even taper-free or offset cuts are as easy as ultra-precise processing of oval tubes or flat parts. For further streamlining of manufacturing processes, ROFIN developed a new tube loading module with a side-loading magazine for tubes of 3 to 30 mm diameter and up to 3 m length. Sophisticated grippers provide accurate and reliable tube feeding and the automated removal of re-sidual material.

Besides its excellent optics, the new cutting head provides some helpful improvements for day-to-day operations. It offers an x/y table for highly accurate nozzle adjustment without interfering the optical setup. The protective glass can be replaced easily without disassembling any parts.
The StarCut Tube can be powered with ROFIN's laser sources StarFemto FX or Star-Fiber FC and achieves contour accuracies better than +/- 5 ?m. The femto second laser source provides pulses lengths down to 300 fs for true, cold material processing and distortion-free cutting and drilling of polymers.

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Medica 2013, 20. – 23.11.2013 in Dusseldorf / GERMANY, Hall 13 – booth no. F33

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