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Fig. 1: Desktop – the smallest of the space-saving manual welding systems

Fig. 2: Performance Basic – the entry-level Performance workstation

Fig. 3: Performance – the world market leader of the manual welding systems for the jewelry industry and the goldsmith

Fig. 4: EasyJewel – the compact laser engraving system fort he jewelry industry

Fig. 5: Easy-to-use smart ring fixture

Marking, Cutting and Welding in Jewelry Manufacturing - Laser solutions by ROFIN

ROFIN - world market leader and pioneer in laser material processing offers sophisticated laser solutions for Jewelry manufacturing. The product line-up comprises compact desktop manual laser welding systems for the goldsmith as well as solutions for large scale industrial production.

High technology delivered in an attractive package with a small footprint - smaller than ever and yet equipped with more power! The Desktop benefits from the innovative technology of its big brother, the Performance. Computer-controlled laser pulses and monitored cooling make it a very reliable tool. Everyday work processes are made comfortable thanks to easy handling and supportive weld assist systems. The modern housing design is tailor-made for workshops with limited space available and at the same time provides a large working chamber.

Performance Basic - entry-level manual laser welding system
The entry-level Performance workstation. With its user-friendly touch panel display and industry-proven laser technology, the Performance Basic is a true workhorse. Perfect weld control allows for smooth and efficient workflow. The energy-saving ECOmode helps to protect the environment and the patented SweetSpot Resonator® technology guarantees unrivalled consistency in welding.

Performance – setting the benchmark
The Performance is not only the leading manual laser welding system worldwide, but it is the perfect tool for Jewelers. The newly designed, compact and mobile housing provides easy access to a spacious working chamber. With its advanced laser functions like SPEEDmode, BURSTmode and Pulse Ramping, the Performance offers maximum control over the laser weld. This is true for precisely controlled small pulse energies for welding tasks close to sensitive gemstones as well as for high-energy pulses, e.g. for resizing of thicker ring shanks. The dynamic foot switch offers sensitive control of a selected laser parameter.

EasyJewel – finest marking and engraving
The compact laser marking and engraving system is specifically designed for the Jewelry industry. Besides the most common tasks like interior, exterior and front-side engraving of rings, the EasyJewel is suitable for various other applications in Jewelry manufacturing. It even cuts sheet metal with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm. Being so versatile, the EasyJewel is a real time-saver in the Jeweler's workshop. Optionally equipped with a fiber laser, deeper engraving for inlaid work or channel settings may be accomplished in record time.

Clamping of regular-shaped rings is a breeze with the unique, easy-to-use smart ring fixture. For irregular shaped rings, ROFIN offers an individually adjustable fixture. The integrated camera and a pilot laser allow the expected marking result to be previewed. The EasyJewel software features geometry correction which provides aberration compensation, for instance when wide rings need to be marked on the inside. Tool-free setup for flat marking is a matter of seconds.

Die Lasertechnologie - Die Vielseitigkeit der Lasertechnik in der Goldschmiedewerkstatt und Schmuckindustrie erlaubt eine bestmögliche Auslastung und Wirtschaftlichkeit der Systeme.

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