Press Release

Press Release for the LASER 2009

“Lasers That Definitely Suit You!”

Hamburg/Munich, June 2009: ROFIN has the largest range of lasers and applications for industrial materials processing worldwide. “Lasers that definitely suit you!” – at the “LASER World of Photonics 2009” in hall C2, booth 359, ROFIN presents various new lasers and system solutions from all business areas. “We are pleased to be able to once more enlarge our wide product and application range by several novelties so that we can present our customers perfect solutions for their various laser applications”, says Günther Braun, CEO and President of ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc.


The New FL Series - High-Brightness Fiber Lasers with High Performance
Even two lasers are presented from the ROFIN Laser Macro group from the new fiber laser series. The ROFIN FL 010 is a laser that was already introduced into the market with an average output power of 1 kW. Another laser with 2 kW output power (ROFIN FL 020) will be demonstrating a welding application as a prospect of future power classes.

“We have been delivering fiber lasers with up to 1 kW output power to customers since the end of last year, and we are very pleased about the entirely positive feedback. Based on the same concept, we now present the results of intensive development work in the form of the model FL 020” comments Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of the ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH. “With the introduction of the FL product family, we have a further technology in our portfolio besides our successful CO2 Slab lasers, which enables us to offer our customers the right laser according to the requirements for various cutting and welding applications.”

The fiber lasers of the ROFIN FL Series are the ideal addition to compliment the range of lasers currently offered by ROFIN. With their high performance, they are suitable for classical cutting and welding applications as well as for new applications as for example the Remote Cutting.

The emitted wavelength in the range of 1 µm achieves high absorption in many materials. All common solid-state laser applications can be performed using the FL Series laser. With the multi-mode version of the FL laser, fiber optics with diameters of 50 to 600 µm can be used. The single-mode version produces exceptionally good beam quality, typically in the range of ? 0.4 mm x mrad. The excellent beam quality also allows the efficient use of “dynamic beam” scanner systems for high-speed positioning as well as the fast and precise application of small geometries at workpieces. This reduces cycle times and increases productivity.

Optional beam switch and energy share modules provide the greatest utilization of the beam source. A single laser can be used in up to four individual work cells. These features support increased cycle times and productivity while minimizing capital equipment costs.

New Peak Performances for Q-Switched Solid-State Lasers
For the first time, ROFIN presents the ROFIN DQ 010, the newest model of the DQ Series that contains q-switched solid-state lasers with an average output power of 1 kW.

The high-performance lasers of the DQ Series are excellent tools for surface applications like ablation, cleaning, insulation and others in development. Cycle times and operating expenses can be reduced with the 1 kW output power and increased pulse peak performances that are more than 3,000 times higher than CW powers.

The lasers of the DQ Series can be coupled with fiber optics of 600 resp. 800 µm. The possibility of using square fibers for the processing of areas leads to highest efficiency by processing a larger area per pulse compared to round fibers. Combined with an integrated scanner control, ablation rates of up to 100 cm2/s are possible in diverse applications.

By using beam switches or energy splitters system concepts can be realized that work with one beam source in several lines, which results in reduced investment costs. The increased efficiency of the beam source additionally reduces the running costs. Furthermore, there are some applications as for example the color ablation, for which the high medium power makes an efficient laser cleansing possible for the first time.

Small and Compact – New OEM-Version of the ROFIN SC Family
ROFIN presents the OEM 10 iX, the newest model from the successful ROFIN SC Series. With its output power of 120 watts and a beam quality of K > 0.8 this sealed-off CO2 laser, based on the industrially proven Slab principle, is suitable for the processing of organic materials, ceramics and glass.

The OEM 10 iX with its integrated RF power supply is extraordinarily compact. It has a simple design and can be integrated easily into system concepts combined with scanners or other beam guidance components. Furthermore, the laser distinguishes itself by its high reliability in industrial production. The sealed-off design guarantees a long lifetime of the laser unit.

Simple and Clever – the Slab Principle
ROFIN have more than 5,000 CO2 Slab lasers of the ROFIN DC Series in use at manufacturing sites all over the world. The excellent reliability, low maintenance and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions.

At the LASER 2009, ROFIN will demonstrate the technology to give a detailed insight into the essential components within this laser for the very first time.

The principle, which has been successfully implemented for over a decade, is based on the concept of activating a CO2 gas mixture between two parallel copper electrode plates (slabs). Excitation of the laser gas takes place in the RF field between the water-cooled electrodes. The heat generated in the gas is dissipated by the water-cooled electrodes (diffusion cooling). Thus, the conventional gas circulation systems involving roots blowers or turbines are not required. A beam shaping module is integrated into the laser head and produces a high-quality round symmetrical beam. The resonator design produces a 45° linearly polarized beam.

The RF generator is completely integrated directly into the laser head and does not take up precious floor space. Therefore, the Slab laser is one of the most compact CO2 lasers in all power classes at the market.

However, the essential advantage of the Slab principle is that the laser gas neither is circulated nor repeatedly renewed. Thus, there is no need for turbines and blowers, which are susceptible to wear and tear and high maintenance requirements. Optics contaminated by flowing laser gas (especially the outcoupling windows) are a thing of the past. The Slab principle also has advantages in the “standby” mode: by omitting loads like turbines or blowers electrical costs are cut. The relatively small amount of cooling water in circulation further reduces energy consumption. The minimal service requirements and energy efficient features reduce overall cost of ownership.

Thanks to the robust design resulting in low maintenance and an excellent beam quality of K > 0.9, the ROFIN Slab laser is one of the most successful CO2 lasers for industrial materials processing.


Select – New Functions and Detail Improvements
The ROFIN Laser Micro group has refined the current version of the welding laser Select. The Select works as an ergonomically optimized manual welding laser, joystick controlled deposit welder or high-precision CNC system with 4 axes – seamless and with a continuous, innovative operating concept.

A multifunctional joystick and a large, colored touch screen display allow easy and intuitive setup. Enhanced joystick operation features and the direct integration in the CNC control make the operation even easier and more comfortable. The new option makes possible the integration of a shielding gas control and a laser class 4 connection into the system.

Reliable process validation plays an increasingly important role in the quality management of industrial production. The optional software for CNC-controlled welding applications provide customized access to material numbers or bar codes. They cover all welding parameters and are protected against unauthorized changes. The “Intelligent Pulse Management™” provides excellent pulse stability even at smallest pulse energies and in this way repeatable results without performance fluctuation can be achieved. The integrated FTP server makes CNC data available via Ethernet.

StarDisc – Q-Switched Disc Laser for Demanding Applications
ROFIN presents the q-switched disc laser StarDisc in an enhanced 70 Watt version at the LASER 2009. This q-switched laser source allows new laser applications with its TEM00 beam quality, high pulse-peak performance and an ideal pulse width regime, especially for cutting of inhomogeneous material. Compared to the commonly used jet cutting, the laser based separation of MMC or µSD cards is advantageous especially concerning environment and cost aspects.

The new hybrid method from ROFIN for the separation of QFN packages in the semi-conductor production eliminates all problems of conventional cutting processes. Other inhomogeneous materials, such as completed and coated sheets, can also be cut with the StarDisc without damaging the coating. In the photovoltaic industry the StarDisc is ideal for laser drilling and scribing.

PowerLine SL Series - Best Beam Characteristics for Demanding Structuring Applications
At the LASER 2009 ROFIN presents the new laser sources of the PowerLine SL Series. They were specifically developed for complex structuring applications in the automated production that make heavy demands on beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability with high frequencies. With the integration of a beam expansion into the laser head the outgoing beam can be used directly without external beam shaping. The new temperature management of the PowerLine SL Series provides ultimate long-term stability for high performance: independent thermal control, stabilization of all relevant optical components and heat transportation via an air- or water-cooled cooling plate.

The compact laser head comprises the pump diode and RF generator. In this way, integration is easier and allows larger distances between the process and the supply unit, if required. The supply unit of the laser needs three 19 inch rack units. The laser system is equipped with an integrated shutter and safety circuit according to EN-954-1 / EN 13849-1, which makes direct integration also easier. Presently, the new laser sources are available in the power classes 3 watts and 20 watts or with 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelength (PowerLine SL 3 SHG, PowerLine SL 20). For photovoltaic applications specific versions were developed (PowerLine SL PV Series).

StarFiber – Fiber Laser with 600 watts for CW and Pulse Operation
For the first time at the LASER 2009: the 600 Watt version of the StarFiber Series. The fiber laser source offers single mode beam quality and can be operated in a pulsed or in cw mode. This is the ultimate foundation for a wide range of fine welding, finest cutting and drilling applications. “With fiber lasers with 20 to 600 Watt power rating we can now cover the whole range of micro material processing and marking”, says Thomas Merk, COO of the ROFIN divisions Micro and Marking. “Together with our new modular system concepts like the Cube we are now able to comprehensively advise our customers and offer the ideal production solution for marking, fine cutting and finest welding.”

Compact, robust design, air-cooling and excellent efficiency with optimal beam quality – these are the main advantages of the new StarFiber lasers. With extremely small spot diameters the laser sources achieve welding speeds that are far beyond those of other systems – depending on the application. What is more, they require less energy and heat input.

The laser control of the StarFiber lasers is based on the ROFIN Control Unit (RCU), which provides an exact and reliable control of the pulse characteristics. The precise power control also considers the travel speed at the work piece. System functions can be controlled easily and comfortably with a colored TFT touch display with graphic menu navigation and integrated help function. The supply unit and the optical system are integrated in a compact housing and can be freely positioned – ideal for the simple integration into the production environment or into complete solutions like the Cube.

Cube – Universal Workstation for Laser Material Processing
The Cube is an efficient solution for manual to semi-automatic cutting, welding or structuring applications – an all-purpose housing concept which can be fitted with a wide variety of ROFIN laser sources designed for most different laser applications. Laser source, beam delivery, optical systems, galvo system or fixed optics – based on the Cube the user gets a complete system that is individually tailored according to their application.

The integrated ROFIN Control Unit (RCU) controls the complete process without the necessity for additional external controllers. The RCU operates the laser parameters (real-time control of laser pulses, online process monitoring and analysis, pulse-to-pulse stability), the galvo head and the motor-driven axes. For comfortable operation the Cube provides a central touch display which can be freely positioned. Furthermore, it allows the creation and editing of layouts and SPS processes. Both the control of the complete process and the communication with SPS, e. g. the robot load, is possible.


CombiLine Cube - The Flexible Marking Station
The ROFIN Laser Marking group presents for the first time, the CombiLine Cube laser workstation, at the LASER fair. The CombiLine Cube is an addition to the range of laser workstations, providing an efficient solution for manual and automated laser marking. Setting and setup processes are accommodated by a wide opening hood. In production mode loading is by a semi-automated vertical door that can be opened and closed quickly. For higher volume production a fully automated door is available, which provides shorter cycle times. The CombiLine Cube has been designed with removable side covers allowing ease of integration into assembly lines or robot loading.

The compact all-in-one tabletop housing of the laser class 1 can be integrated easily into every production environment. It contains a motor-driven z-axis for the positioning of the laser unit and can be supplemented with a circumferential indexer. A pedestal with the option to carry further 19” components is available as well.

The integrable ROFIN laser beam sources (PowerLine E Air 10 and 25 as well as PowerLine F 20) are entirely air-cooled and almost maintenance-free. By different power classes and beam characteristics, they cover wide application fields at low operating costs.

With high flexibility and the use of standard components ROFIN provides with the CombiLine Cube a cost-efficient solution.

EasyMark F 20 – More Power for a Large Application Field
At the LASER 2009 ROFIN shows a new model of the EasyMark Series with an integrated fiber laser. The compact system only requires single-phase power source and does not require external cooling. The EasyMark F 20 marks metals and plastics, flat and curved parts with high quality. Especially for marking applications, the higher power and the typical pulse and beam characteristic of the fiber laser result in clearly higher process speeds. For metal ablation, ten times as much material can be removed per time unit.

The VisualLaserMarker software allows a simple layout and transfer of the marking contents (standard marking, serial numbers, logos) from your familiar PC environment. Focusing and positioning aids ensure that the system can be easily operated by anyone after a short instruction. A linear program-controlled z-axis is included. Optionally, a circumferential indexer can be integrated at any time.

PowerLine FL 20 – New 20 Watt Fiber Laser
Introduced for the first time at the LASER fair, the PowerLine FL 20 combines the distinct advantages of the fiber laser with the ideal pulse shape. With quick rise times and high pulse peak performances of 10 kW, it provides excellent marking and engraving results. The zero-bleed design prevents power loss between the pulses and thus provides sharp contrast contours. With its unique beam quality characteristics, the beam source is also suitable for ultra-small markings. The output power of the PowerLine FL 20 lies in the range of 10 % and 100 %. The robust air-cooled fiber laser is almost maintenance-free.

In addition to complete solutions, such as the CombiLine Cube and the EasyMark F 20, ROFIN also offers the PowerLine FL 20 simply as an OEM beam source or in combination with a supply unit including a main power supply unit and a safety shutter. All components are integrated into compact industry standard 19” housings. “Together with our new, end-pumped laser beam sources of the PowerLine SL Series, different configuration levels of the fiber laser offer perfect solutions for individual integration steps and application requirements” says Dr. Armin Renneisen, managing director of the ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH in Guending / Bergkirchen.

Laser Marker with Beam Rotation Unit – Marking All Around without Moving the Workpiece
Circumferrential part marking typically requires a motor-driven rotary axis for the necessary positioning of the workpiece. ROFIN now has enhanced the efficient, end-pumped laser marker PowerLine E 40 with a beam rotation unit. This unique feature is also available with every laser of the PowerLine E and PowerLine E Air Series. The beam rotation unit allows a 360° all-around marking including marking from the top of the workpiece without part moving. The maximum marking diameter of 80 mm and 80 mm high can be realized with speeds of up to 2,000 mm/s. This is far beyond anything that can be achieved with motor-driven axes. A further advantage of this solution lies in the simple positioning of the workpiece. It does not require clamping into a circumferential indexer. With the beam rotation unit diverse geometries can be marked with great efficiency.