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Hamburg, June 6, 2011: The ROFIN Laser MACRO group presents a series of laser sources and innovative laser-based system solutions for cutting, welding, and other applications, from the 6 to the 9 of June, 2011 in Hall 5, Booth 5501, at the BLECHEXPO – the international trade fair for sheet metal processing – in Stuttgart/Germany.

Small and compact – the fiber laser FL 030 C

At the BLECHEXPO, ROFIN presents the FL 030 C, the new compact version of its fiber laser series, which has been specially developed for direct integration into existing machine concepts. With an output power of 3,000 W, the FL 030 C is available as a multi-mode laser with a 50 µm or 100 µm fiber. Due to its modular and robust design, this laser meets the highest possible industrial demands – with its beam qualities from 2.5 – 5 mm x mrad the ideal tool for laser cutting applications. This model is also offered with 500, 750 and 1,000 W output power, which covers the complete range of applications for processing thin materials.

ROFIN’s Bestseller – the 2,500 W Slab Laser

From the broad range of high-performance CO2 lasers for cutting applications, ROFIN presents the DC 025. ROFIN have more than 3,000 lasers of this power class in use at manufacturing sites all over the world. The excellent reliability, low maintenance and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions.
ROFIN’s low-maintenance CO2 Slab lasers are extremely service-friendly thanks to the trend-setting principle. The laser operates with only a few extremely durable components and does not need conventional gas recirculation – leading to a considerable reduction of maintenance and the gas consumption is also minimized. The laser beam that is produced in the resonator is uncoupled by a diamond window without any losses of power or beam quality. The internal water-cooled mirrors are  robust and non-wearing reflective optics.

For cutting applications, the lasers of the DC Series with output powers up to 4,500 W are available – for welding applications, lasers with output power ratings of up to 8,000 W can be used.

Easy to Integrate – the OEM Version of ROFIN’s SC Family

The “sealed-off“ lasers are ideal tools for light industrial applications such as cutting, drilling and marking. At the LASER, ROFIN presents the OEM 40 iX, the latest model from the successful ROFIN SC Series. With its output power of 400 W and a beam quality of K > 0.8 the sealed-off CO2 laser, based on the industrially proven Slab principle, is suitable for the processing of organic materials, plastics, ceramics, glass and metals.

With its integrated HF power supply and a total weight of 75 kg, the OEM 40 iX is extraordinarily compact, lightweight, and can be integrated exceptionally well into system concepts in combination with scanners or other beam guidance components. Furthermore, the laser distinguishes itself by its high reliability in industrial production. The sealed-off design guarantees a long lifetime of the laser unit.


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