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Fig 1: ROFIN MPS Compact

Fig 2: ROFIN Integration package Compact

Fig 3: ROFIN Pressure tank for the automotive industry

Fig 4: ROFIN EasyMark – the compact laser marker, also for plastic materials

Focused on Laser Plastic Welding at FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Low weight system components made of plastics come more and more in general use in industry. The production of these low weight parts requires laser welding of plastic parts increasingly. ROFIN presents their successful laser workstation family MPS with tailormade integration packages for welding of polymers.


Market-leading diode laser technology

The significant properties of ROFIN’s plastic welding solution are the MPS workstation, the DILAS Compact Evolution diode laser and application-specific control software designed to the customer’s individual requirements. The system solution is available in two versions: as turnkey complete system or as integration package including laser source, fixture and control software.
With their DILAS diode lasers ROFIN already serves a major share of the market and has been able to establish the new implementation solution with great success in only a few months.


HMI and clamping specifically designed for polymer welding
The systems are equipped with a special human machine interface for polymer welding and a work piece clamping unit working with either a pneumatic or a servo clamping drive, manufactured to the
customer’s specific requirements. The control software for the joining process has been specially developed for polymer welding applications e.g. to deliver a setting signal and level for process control and quality assurance. Data can be logged for process statistics and quality management.


The most flexible platform for challenging applications
With the recently extended MPS family, consisting now of the MPS Compact, MPS Flexible, MPS Rotary and MPS Advanced, ROFIN looks forward to creating truly outstanding solutions for challenging polymer laser welding applications in the near future.

Desktop laser marker for plastic materials - EasyMark
EasyMark‘s modular concept realizes a huge working area within an extremely compact housing. The system can be optionally equipped with a rotation axis, various optics and external or through-the-lens camera solution. It accommodates completely air-cooled laser sources with power ranging from 10 to 50 W. The system can be optionally equipped with an integrated, full-fledged CAD suite.


ROFIN offers a special promotion for the EasyMark. Systems ordered at Fakuma will feature the automated lifting door as well as a warranty extension without any surcharge.


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