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Hamburg/Munich, 23 May 2011: “Enter the Universe of Laser Technology” – with this slogan ROFIN is presenting itself at “LASER World of Photonics 2011“. As a provider of all types of relevant laser technology, ROFIN offers a virtually endless variety of solutions for industrial material processing. “At this year’s LASER World of Photonics we will present a number of new products out of our different business sectors, starting from an extremely compact marking laser through to a universal processing station. We are proud to announce that our new ROFIN member, LASAG AG, will present its new products for the first time at our booth”, Günther Braun, CEO and President of ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc., said.


Small and compact – the new fiber laser FL 030 C

For the first time, ROFIN presents the FL 030 C, the new compact version of its fiber laser series, which has been specially developed for direct integration into existing machine concepts. With an output power of 3,000 W, the FL 030 C is available as a multi-mode laser with a 50 µm or 100 µm fiber. Due to its modular and robust design, this laser meets the highest possible industrial demands – with its beam qualities from 2.5 – 5 mm x mrad the ideal tool for laser cutting applications. This model is also offered with 500, 750 and 1,000 W output power, which covers the complete range of applications for processing thin materials.

“We are happy that we can present a large range of high-power lasers at LASER 2011, which are perfectly complemented by our new compact fiber laser. With this laser we respond to the demand of our customers for a beam source that can easily be integrated in many different machine concepts,” Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, Hamburg, said, “Industrial laser material processing is continuously developing further and as a consequence the requirements for our beam sources keep growing, too. Be it in the processing of new materials, new applications, the opening up of new markets – for example the energy sector – or the demand for energy efficient production methods. With our CO2 Slab lasers on the one hand and our fibre laser family on the other hand we can offer a comprehensive product portfolio that can satisfy these different requirements very well.”

The new Powerhouse – ROFIN’s FL 040

With the ROFIN FL 040, the laser specialist demonstrates the new powerhouse of the FL Series of highly brilliant fiber lasers with an average output power of 4,000 W. Fiber lasers of the FL Series offer highest application speeds in thin sheet metals and are easy to integrate into 3D systems as 5-axis machines or robots. They are an ideal addition to traditional CO2 lasers, covering the entire range of sheet metal thicknesses.

The fiber laser wavelength in the range of 1 µm achieves high absorption in many materials. All common solid-state laser applications can be performed using the FL Series laser. With the multi-mode version of the FL laser, fiber optics with diameters of 50 to 600 µm can be used. The single-mode version with output powers up to 1,000 W produces exceptionally good beam quality, typically in the range of ? 0.4 mm x mrad.

Optional beam switch and energy share modules for the multi-mode lasers provide the greatest utilization of the beam source. A single laser can be used in up to four individual work cells. These features support increased cycle times and productivity while minimizing capital equipment costs.

The excellent beam quality also allows the efficient use of “dynamic beam” scanner systems for high-speed positioning as well as the fast and precise application of small geometries at workpieces. This reduces cycle times and increases productivity.

New Standards in Scanner Welding

With the Scanner Welding System (SWS) ROFIN enlarges the comprehensive range of system components by a highly flexible welding solution. The SWS is a fast beam deflection system used for robotically guided multi-spot welding and has been specifically developed for connection to the ROFIN fiber laser series.

The fiber laser is integrated into fully automated welding systems, in combination with a 3-axis scanner and the RobotSyncUnit. Complex shaped 3D components can be welded with the flexibility of the SWS. By coupling all axes of the scanner with those of the robot as a guiding machine, the system commands a total of nine selectable axes. Regardless of whether we are talking about spot-, circular-, wave- or stitching seams – the seam geometry is freely programmable and can therefore be adjusted to strength and component requirements. Through very fast arrival at the next welding position and therewith minimized non-productive time, highest utilization of the welding process can be realized. The real time processing of the geometric data through the control, as well as through the rotating mirrors in the scanner head, enables extremely fast positioning of the laser beam in the range of some ms within the working field. The robot movements and speeds are optimized by complete offline programming of the application. Software functions also calculate the path inaccuracies of the robot, as its current position is reported back within the IPO cycle. Thus, repeat accuracies in the range of < 0.2 mm are possible.The RobotSyncUnit is the ideal solution for programming, controlling and monitoring the SWS. As integrated operating and programming interface, the RobotSyncUnit takes care of an optimized interaction of the robot, scanner and laser. The type and supplier of the robot can be freely chosen. Optional offline programming software allows simple import of CAD data, the planning of complex tasks as well as the generation of the robot path in conjunction with the welding contours and their accessibility.

The newly presented scanner doesn’t need an expensive flat field lens and therefore sets the new standard for scanner welding in harsh industrial environments of the automotive industry and other production environments.

ROFIN’s Bestseller – the 2,500 W Slab Laser From the broad range of high-performance CO2 lasers for cutting applications, ROFIN presents the DC 025. ROFIN have more than 3,000 lasers of this model in use at manufacturing sites all over the world. The excellent reliability, low maintenance and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions. ROFIN’s low-maintenance CO2 Slab lasers are extremely service-friendly thanks to the trend-setting principle. The laser operates with only a few extremely durable components and does not need conventional gas recirculation – leading to a considerable reduction of maintenance and the gas consumption is also minimized. The laser beam that is produced in the resonator is uncoupled by a diamond window without any losses of power or beam quality. The internal water-cooled mirrors are robust and non-wearing reflective optics.

For cutting applications, the lasers of the DC Series with output powers up to 4,500 W are available – for welding applications, lasers with output power ratings of up to 8,000 W can be used.

Easy to Integrate – the OEM Version of ROFIN’s SC Family

The “sealed-off“ lasers are ideal tools for light industrial applications such as cutting, drilling and marking. At the LASER, ROFIN presents the OEM 40 iX, the latest model from the successful ROFIN SC Series. With its output power of 400 W and a beam quality of K > 0.8 the sealed-off CO2 laser, based on the industrially proven Slab principle, is suitable for the processing of organic materials, plastics, ceramics, glass and metals. With its integrated HF power supply and a total weight of 75 kg, the OEM 40 iX is extraordinarily compact, lightweight, and can be integrated exceptionally well into system concepts in combination with scanners or other beam guidance components. Furthermore, the laser distinguishes itself by its high reliability in industrial production. The sealed-off design guarantees a long lifetime of the laser unit.

Highest power by Q-switching

ROFIN presents the ROFIN DQ 010, the most powerful model of the DQ Series that contains q-switched solid-state lasers with an average output power of 1,000 W.The high-performance lasers of the DQ Series are excellent tools for surface applications like ablation, cleaning, insulation and others in development. Cycle times and operating expenses can be reduced with the 1,000 W output power and increased pulse peak performances that are more than 3,000 times higher than CW powers.

The lasers of the DQ Series can be coupled with fiber optics of 600 resp. 800 µm. The possibility of using square fibers for the processing of areas leads to highest efficiency by processing a larger area per pulse compared to round fibers. Combined with an integrated scanner control, ablation rates of up to 100 cm2/s are possible in diverse applications.

By using beam switches or energy splitters system concepts can be realized that work with one beam source in several lines, which results in reduced investment costs. The increased efficiency of the beam source additionally reduces the running costs. Furthermore, there are some applications as for example the color ablation, for which the high medium power makes an efficient laser cleansing possible for the first time.


The ROFIN Micro group presents as many as four new products at the LASER 2011: two improved laser systems from the series of manual welding lasers, a complete flexible system, and a new beam source from the StarShape family. "The Micro department in Starnberg is running at full throttle!" says Thomas Merk, COO of ROFIN Micro & Marking ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc. about the multitude of new products. "We are looking forward to this year's Munich Laser trade fair as the business climate of our main markets is very good. We are expecting many customers interested in electronics, automotive and PV. In particular, the new ultra-short pulse laser and fiber laser technology could be the primary topic of conversation." 

The new Performance and its little brother, the new Desktop

The new Performance sets a new benchmark once again in the manual welding laser market. After 20 years as an innovation and market leader in this segment ROFIN has rethought every detail. Manual laser welding is made easier, faster and more efficient – the new Performance brings together a number of practical innovations with lots of details improvements in a completely new housing design. With its innovative laser technology, the Performance offers many new welding functions, that have been revised down to the last technical detail: more intelligent - easier - stronger.

Its little brother, the new Desktop is smaller than ever, but yet with more power! An attractive housing packs more technology into a smaller space. With its small footprint it is tailor-made for workshops with limited space, yet offers a large working chamber. The new Desktop sets standards in the market segment of compact laser welding especially for the jewelry and dental markets. Easy to start at 110 V or 230 V it can be used worldwide – all this makes the new Desktop outstanding.

StarLite X – young star in the StarShape family

The beam source StarLite X complements the well-established industrial StarShape family. Compact, clearly defined, easy to use and available as a modular kit, the StarLite is the ideal integration solution for system builders who want to develop a cost-effective, laser-based machine for example for cutting, ablating, scribing or perforating. Equipped with the latest sealed-off CO2 laser technology from ROFIN, the StarLiteX is available with a 100 W and with a 200 W CO2 laser.

MPS – the Modular Processing System

The MPS (Modular Processing System) is designed as a versatile laser workstation for a comprehensive range of automated material handling processes. The complete system integrates laser sources, axis modules and control units in a compact housing. Due to its modular and flexible design it is the ideal basis for tailor-made solutions for welding, cutting, drilling and surface treatment. The spacious working chamber with a large pneumatic lift door provides enough space for clamping devices or parts magazines and also for large items. With high-end CNC-control, 4 different axis modules to choose from and a wide range of ROFIN laser sources, the MPS offers solutions for applications of all kinds.

Equipped with the ROFIN femtosecond laser, the StarFemto, it allows applications with very sensitive materials and delicate structures or bioresorbable polymers due to minimal heat input and superior cut quality so that post-processing is reduced to a minimum.StarFiber 600 – compact and robust fiber laserFor high precision welds, ROFIN offers robust and compact fiber lasers in the range from 100 W - 600 W with excellent efficiency. The StarFiber laser can also easily integrate into automation solutions. Fiber lasers or pulsed YAG rod lasers are used for a great number of welding and cutting applications. With our wide variety of fine welding lasers, employing these two technologies, we can fulfil the requirements of almost any application area. A comprehensive transport fiber kit allows the laser source to be sited remotely from the work cells. The StarFiber features closed loop power control, power control dependent on travel speed, safety features (industrial standard), convenient operator control, innovative ROFIN control unit (RCU).

LASAG SLS CL8 GX with PWS Micro – for highest precision and reproducibility

For demanding miniature and precision welds LASAG with the SLS CL8 GX uses the unique pulse technology, enabling the smallest spot diameter to 25 microns. Unique is the programmable wavelength-mix of 532 and 1064 nm, which is on the one hand responsible for the safe deployment of the laser beam for highly reflective materials such as copper and precious metals and on the other provides for the efficient utilization of the total available laser power for the welding process. The laser source SLS CL8 GX is particularly suitable for highly reproducible spot and seam welds in the medical and electronics industries.

LASAG LFS with LLBK60 – high peak power and beam quality

The pulsed fiber laser of the LFS-series provides high pulse performance at low average power and high beam quality and therefore is the first fiber laser series capable of providing and beating the welding characteristics of lamp-pumped pulsed lasers in the precision area. Reduced heat welding with welding depths of up to 1.5 mm are possible with this laser. The laser source is characterized by high electrical efficiency and low maintenance. The laser source LASAG LFS is designed as a system and has all the requirements, interfaces and properties that are needed for production use in medical technology.


PowerLine Prime 15: An all-round attractive marking solution 

At LASER 2011 ROFIN presents a new, extremely compact marking solution in the 15 watt power class, the PowerLine Prime 15. This efficient air-cooled system is technically designed to mark in the existing configuration different materials with high quality and speed. The control of the PowerLine Prime 15 is performed with standard interfaces and is implemented as a 19" industrial standard. A short laser head and separable connections guarantee maximum integration. The PowerLine Prime 15 is standard equipped with a pilot laser and a variable beam expansion. The optimized pre-configuration ensures high throughput, is ready to use and available for delivery at short notice.

"The Prime PowerLine 15 is the product of a desire to offer our customers economical solutions for classic marking applications," says Dr. Armin Renneisen, managing director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, MARKING Division. "The demand for short lead times and the combination of advanced technology and attractive prices took precedence here. The result shows itself in small designs, uncompromising quality and remarkable efficiency. We are pleased to offer our customers an all-round appealing solution."

Numerous applications in various industries: Marking-on-the-fly

For marking of parts that are in motion, ROFIN offers a specially developed solution that guarantees the customer the highest quality and processing speed. Marking "on-the-fly" can be used for linear movements as well as the use of rotational axes. In the latter case, marking is tangential on the outer surface of the workpiece without distortion. The encoder signals of the position-/processing correction are processed in real time. Here, speed changes are taken into account during the marking process. For the creation of the marking layout, the customer has the proven Visual Laser Marker software at his disposal. It offers many possibilities to define marking objects and workpieces and can be extended with VBScript macros. All marking objects have an interface so that even complex processes or data connections can be easily integrated. The marking process "on-the-fly" is available in connection with each configurable ROFIN laser marker.

Laser marking with high precision: Vision systems from ROFIN

When high positioning accuracy in the marking of parts is important, ROFIN laser markers with vision systems are used. They ensure maximum precision in the positioning of the marking without any special pre-orientation of the workpieces.The vision systems are available with all freely configurable Rofin laser markers with wavelengths of 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm. ROFIN offers a variety of solutions with internal and external camera. Typical applications in conjunction with vision systems are contour detection for offset correction, testing of 1D and 2D codes (barcodes and data matrix codes) and much more.

At the LASER trade fair the interaction of the vision system with a completely air-cooled laser in the performance class of 25 watts will be demonstrated.


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