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ROFIN at LASER World of Photonics 2013

Hamburg, Munich/Germany, May 13, 2013: ‘The Power of Partnership’ – with this slogan ROFIN is presenting itself at ’LASER World of Photonics’ in Munich.

‘We will be presenting some new products provided by all of our business divisions at this year’s LASER World of Photonics, showing innovations in short pulse and ultrashort pulse technology, also the latest developments in fiber technology and enhanced versions of our well-established product range.’ Günther Braun, CEO and president of ROFIN-SINAR Technologies Inc. ‘We define ourselves as technology-independent partner with a close customer relationship – starting with application development to project support and after-sales service. Our sales and service network located all over the world guarantees our customers to have a competent partner nearby at any time.’

Whether CO2, solid-state, fiber or diode lasers, from ultrashort pulse to cw operation, ROFIN provides all of the decisive key technologies and covers the entire spectrum of industrial lasers. The product portfolio ranges from industry standard laser beam sources to compact all-in-one system solutions. The application areas for ROFIN lasers are as broad as the product range. ROFIN lasers are used for production in automotive industry, aircraft construction, machine tool industry, manufacturing of electronics and semiconductors, in medical device technology, in photovoltaics, packaging industry and plastic processing, in tool and mold making as well as in jewelry design. Whether it is the use of high-power lasers in harsh industrial environments, filigree laser applications in the ?m-range or laser marking on various materials – ROFIN optimally meets all customer requirements in the field of laser technology.


Fiber lasers have already firmly established themselves within the industrial production sector and are synonymous with efficiency, precision and cost-effectiveness in a large number of applications. At LASER 2013, the ROFIN Macro Group presents even four exhibits from the area of high-power fiber lasers.

New Generation of Fiber Lasers – Smaller, More Compact and Simpler Handling

Smaller, more compact and easier to use best describes the new performance and design enhancements. The 2 kW fiber laser, that can be equipped with up to 4 fiber outputs, comes in a smaller, wall-mountable housing, with simultaneously improved fiber handling and with reduced water requirement.

Just like its predecessors, the new ROFIN FL 020 is also equipped with the ROFIN Control Unit (RCU) which offers, besides numerous monitoring tasks, E-service capability as well as simple implementation of scanner-based applications.

All fiber lasers from the ROFIN FL Series are extremely efficient and offer excellent beam qualities. Through the use of switchable optical fibers with diameters from 100 µm up to 800 µm, the beam quality can be precisely adapted to the processing task. A far broader field of application processing can be achieved with ROFIN fiber laser technology than with earlier solid-state laser technologies. The 1 ?m wavelength achieves high absorption in many materials. Fiber lasers are suitable for cutting, welding, and surface modification applications, as well as for a wide variety of scanner-based applications. The lasers are controlled by the proven ROFIN CONTROL UNIT (RCU) which is easily interfaced to a variety of industrial control systems. The RCU also features an integrated solution for scanner operation eliminating the need for a separate controller for the scanner head. Combined with the excellent beam quality, it allows different processing geometries to be placed rapidly and accurately at different positions on the workpiece.

Easy Integration – the Fiber Laser FL 030 C

At LASER 2013, the ROFIN Macro Group presents the most powerful fiber laser in the compact class, the ROFIN FL 030 C, which has been specially developed for direct integration into existing machine concepts. With an output power of 3,000 W, the FL 030 C is available as a multi-mode laser with a 50 µm or 100 µm fiber. With beam qualities in the range of 2 up to 4 mm x mrad and its modular and robust design, the ideal tool for laser cutting but also for laser welding applications. By using the different diameters of the process fiber, the beam quality can be ideally adapted to the specific application task. The compact version of the ROFIN FL Series is also offered with 500, 750, 1,000 and 2,000 W output power, which covers the complete range of applications for processing thin materials.

The ROFIN fiber lasers are extremely compact, robust, highly efficient and meet the requirements of harsh industrial environments thanks to the modular and robust design.

More Powerful Fiber Laser Units – 1.5 kW Output Power out of Only One Module

For the first time, ROFIN presents the next generation of fiber laser modules at LASER 2013 show and gives a first preview of future products with the example of a 6 kW laser.

Fiber lasers use so-called ‘large mode area double clad’ fibers as active medium. These consist of an active single-mode core and a cladding with large diameter, in which the pump beam is conducted. The pump light from pluggable pump modules is fed to the cladding from both sides by means of pump couplers. The resonator mirrors are formed by integrated Fiber Bragg Gratings. This ‘all glass’ construction combines simple cooling across the large mantle surface of the fibers with excellent beam quality from a stable construction. High-power lasers with single-mode beam quality and highest efficiency can be implemented this way. ROFIN is now able to achieve an output power of 1.5 kW with sufficient power reserve from a single fiber laser module.

This way, 6 kW of laser power out of a 50 µm fiber can thus be realized by only 4 units, using an optimized 4 x 1 combiner.

‘Our Macro Group is pleased to present numerous product updates and product enhancements at this year’s LASER show’, comments Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH. ‘In particular, the more powerful fiber laser module demonstrates the result of intensive development work. The basic design presented here is now being systematically implemented in our product lines. First welding trials with the 6 kW prototype show consistently good results and confirm the expected performance’.  

CO2 Slab Laser with New Control and Interface

With a new control and user interface as well as a new control cabinet, ROFIN presents its proven CO2 Slab Laser. The inclusion of this new ROFIN Control Unit for the Slab Series means that now all products across the MACRO product range are equipped with the same control platform and comparable interface. As with the products of the FL and the DQ Series, extended monitoring and control functions are now included on the new CO2 Slab Laser control, resulting in improved pulse-to-pulse stability, manifold control and log functions including E-Service. The lasers from the ROFIN DC Series are available as a compact integration package or as a head/cabinet combination. The new control cabinet, which can be stood against a wall, only requires access from one side and at the same time, has a smaller physical footprint.

ROFIN’s low-maintenance CO2 Slab lasers are extremely service-friendly thanks to the trend-setting principle. The laser operates with only a few extremely durable components and does not need conventional gas recirculation – leading to a considerable reduction of maintenance and the gas consumption is also minimized. The laser beam that is produced in the resonator is uncoupled by a diamond window without any losses of power or beam quality. The internal water-cooled mirrors are robust and non-wearing reflective optics.  

ROFIN’s CO2 Slab lasers with output powers up to 8,000 W are in use at manufacturing sites all over the world. The excellent reliability, low maintenance and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions.

‘Sealed-off’ CO2 Laser with Innovative Power Supply

The ‘sealed-off’ lasers are ideal tools for light industrial applications. Building on the success of the range of sealed CO2 laser sources, ROFIN presents the new SR 10i at this year’s LASER World of Photonics show. The SR 10i retains features such as excellent beam quality, high speed operation, ease of integration and virtually no maintenance but the SR 10i is being supplied with an innovative RF power supply.

With its output power of 100 W and a beam quality of K > 0.8 the sealed-off CO2 laser, based on the industrially proven Slab principle, is suitable for processing a wide range of materials such as paper, wood and plastic.


StarFemto FX – Next Generation Femtosecond Laser

Resulting from many years of experience in ultrashort pulse lasers applied in the medical device manufacturing industry, ROFIN presents a next-generation ultrashort pulse laser, the new StarFemto FX. This new femtosecond laser – with its adjustable pulse length of up to 300 fs and a pulse peak power of up to 660 MW – completes ROFIN’s portfolio of ultrashort pulse lasers for industrial material processing.

Thomas Merk, COO ROFIN Micro and Marking: ‘An increasing number of customers have been realizing the benefits of ROFIN’s femtosecond lasers. This new technology enhances the precision of laser processes significantly, and facilitates new applications and designs with unmatched machining quality. The trend to miniaturization is forcing the use of femtosecond laser technology and will bring the benefits such as high precision, finest features and ultimate flexibility into action. ROFIN has already 8 years of experience in ultrashort pulse lasers and has provided industry-proven laser solutions.’

In particular applications processing ceramics, glass, polymer and other non-metal materials benefit from the original wavelength of 1030 nm and the optional frequency-doubled and tripled outputs with 515 and 343 nm wavelengths. The free choice of different pulse repetition rates allows the optimum utilization of the pulse energy to enhance productivity. The StarFemto FX processes almost any kind of material in the micron precision range: drilling, cutting, marking, ablating and structuring. Cold material processing makes possible taper-free cuts and precise drilling with lowest roughness and without creating any burrs. The processing quality which has been unmatched up to date does not only open up new fields of application, it also allows well-established processing methods to be implemented at a more efficient rate owing to the elimination of time-consuming post-processing steps which may place stress on the material.

StarPico – Picosecond Laser with High Maximum Pulse Frequency

The StarPico was especially designed for industrial material processing. The patented resonator design with its robust set-up allows a pulse duration of 12 ps, a pulse energy of 100 µJ and provides an adjustable pulse repetition rate of up to 20 MHz. This picosecond laser allows ‘cold’ material processing of hard and brittle material and is in particular ideal for applications in the electronics, semiconductor, precision engineering, micro and medical device industry. The StarPico is available as an OEM laser source or can be provided as a laser solution equipped with a complete package comprising beam guidance, fixed optics or a galvo head for high performance and high precision cutting, structuring, ablating, marking and drilling. As an option, a frequency-doubled version with a wavelength of 532 nm can be provided.
The New Member of the StarFiber Family: StarFiber FC OEM – The Fiber Laser for Precision Cutting Applications

At this year’s LASER World of Photonics ROFIN presents the new member of the fiber laser family – StarFiber FC OEM, the fiber laser especially designed for precision cutting. The StarFiber 180 / 320 / 550 FC OEM offer extremely short pulses with the fastest rise and fall times. The compact laser sources in a 19” rack combine excellent beam quality with high efficiency.

A special highlight is the new feature which allows switching between two parameter settings. The optimal pulse length and pulse frequency can be set separately for the first piercing operation and the cut making the piercing much faster and more precise. This creates less debris and a smaller heat input.

The Third Dimension: MPS 3D – the Multi-Functional Laser Work Station

The turnkey solution MPS 3D (Modular Processing System 3D) designed for complex 2.5 D and 3 D material processing integrates axis modules and control units into one compact housing. The flexible system was designed for a wide range of automated material processing tasks requiring a 4 or 5-axis-system. The spacious working chamber with a large pneumatically-operated lifting door provides enough space for multi-axis laser material processing, even with bulky workpieces.

The MPS 3D is the ideal solution for 3D laser cutting, welding, drilling and structuring with up to 5 interpolated axes. Programming is made easy and efficient due to CAD-CAM software. The granite bridge allows the integration of direct beam sources like ROFIN’s ultrashort pulse lasers StarFemto FX and StarPico. The fiber-coupled laser systems of ROFIN’s large portfolio such as StarFiber and LFS, as well as the pulsed lasers StarPulse and SLS can easily be integrated.

The smaller version MPS (Modular Processing System) is an individually configurable turnkey solution designed for a large number of automated material processing tasks. Its high-end CNC control and a selection of 4 different axis modules as well as the wide range of ROFIN laser sources make the MPS an excellent solution for a wide spectrum of different applications. The modularity of the complete solution incorporates laser sources, axis modules and control units in one compact housing and makes it the ideal basis for tailor-made solutions for welding, cutting, drilling, marking, ablating and structuring.
Performance: Manual Laser Welding – Even for Long Parts

Performance – the manual welding laser is now available with optional side openings for feeding bulky parts into the working chamber. Two years ago, ROFIN again set a new standard in manual laser welding for high performance and user-friendliness. The new feature now allows easy processing of long parts such as endoscopes.

StarLite X

The StarLite X laser system complements the well-established StarShape family. Compact, user-friendly and modular, the StarLite X is the ideal laser solution for integration into systems for cost-effective material processing whether laser cutting, structuring, scribing or perforating. It is equipped with the latest sealed-off CO2 laser technology made by ROFIN and is provided with 100 W or  200 W CO2 laser.

LASAG LFS 150 OEM with Triple FLBK FC

The LFS 150 OEM is a newly-enhanced version of the successful LFS 150, mounted in a 19“ rack. Industrial demand for integrated laser systems is the reason for the development of this new product. Together with the new Triple FLBK FC, the triple version of the well-proven FLBK 60 opens up new applications in material processing. The Triple FLBK FC sets a new benchmark in productivity: energy sharing allows three identical products to be processed in one step. ROFIN-LASAG can now offer a highly productive system in combination with the LFS 150 OEM, which can easily be integrated into existing production lines.

The solution for welding two concentrically-positioned workpieces was developed by ROFIN-LASAG, the small but excellent laser company located in Switzerland. The LLDROP rotating optics system from ROFIN-LASAG is a tailor-made beam guidance system for laser welding. The rotating processing head is ideal for spot, seam and segment welding of circular seams, even in mass production.

Workpieces are fixed e.g. on a transfer line and guided to the processing spot where welding is carried out with a rotation speed between 5 and 300 rev/min. This concept takes away the necessity of mounting a rotary axis in the CNC machine making for much more cost-efficient production.

Transfer of the workpiece can be via turntable, conveyor or pallet. In addition, the rotary head can weld different diameters at different angles: the present version allows welding at 45°, 30° and 15° angles and diameters of 0-27 mm, 25-47 mm and 45–67 mm.

The LLDROP is optimized for the SLS and FLS (solid-state) laser sources as well as for the LFS fiber laser series.


800 Picosecond Short Pulse Laser for Marking and Micro Material Processing

The new air-cooled PowerLine Pico completes ROFIN's ultrashort pulse laser lineup (besides StarFemto and StarPico). The laser is available in two configurations: as an all-purpose laser source and as laser marking solution.

With a pulse length of 800 ps and a maximum pulse energy of 40 µJ the PowerLine Pico is an efficient tool for marking, engraving and thin film ablation and structuring. The exceptionally high pulse frequency of 200 to 800 KHz offers high throughput and allows for maximum pulse overlapping, like structuring of thin films in solar cell manufacturing with > 95% pulse overlap at 1500 mm/s.

The new laser source features a linear polarized and collimated output beam with 1064 nm wavelength. Additionally ROFIN offers the laser with second and third harmonic wavelength (532 and 355 nm).

Compared to nanosecond sources, the picosecond pulse length significantly reduces thermal damage in adjacent material. This results in better ablation quality, less surface roughness and enhanced precision of selective layer ablation. Furthermore, the shorter pulses significantly help reducing thermal penetration depth of delicate ablation processes, like marking of silicon. The new laser source perfectly meets the requirements of various applications in wafer production, medical device manufacturing and micro material processing, just to name a few.

‘Continuous progress in industrial laser technology has been decisively influenced by ROFIN also in the field of short pulsed lasers. Application related and economic advantages are perfectly integrated in the new PowerLine Pico and provide the customers with new competitiveness. This compact picosecond laser opens up new dimensions of laser processing with regard to marking and micro applications’, says Dr. Armin Renneisen, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, Marking Division.

PowerLine E Air 10 THG: Compact and Air-Cooled 355 nm Laser Source

ROFIN expands its PowerLine E Air product series with a new 355 nm laser source. The UV laser marker PowerLine E Air 10 THG has plastics marking as its main focus and moreover qualifies for classical laser marking applications and micro material processing.

The PowerLine E Air 10 THG offers excellent pulse-to-pulse stability and beam quality at pulse frequencies from 20 to 100 kHz. These are indispensable prerequisites for exceptionally high processing speed and short cycle times, which are required by industrial manufacturing environments. As with all PowerLine E Air lasers, marking field size and focus diameter can be adjusted flexibly.

There are many plastics which show better absorption to ultraviolet radiation than to visible or infrared light. Additionally, short wavelengths replace thermochemical processes by "cold", photochemical marking. Those bleaching and photo reduction processes take place without any local heating and therefore obviate any unwanted surface transformation. Furthermore, there is no need to use laser absorption additives. This not only reduces costs, it also allows for marking customer-specific blends. Therefore, UV laser sources are suitable for high quality marking applications in the electronics industry and other markets, as well.

New EasyMark Desktop Laser Marker with Innovative Housing Concept

The new EasyMark desktop laser marker realizes an innovative housing concept. The control unit and the working chamber are designed as separate modules. This provides maximum flexibility for assembling optimum system setups for each individual application. The system not only handles standard applications with manual part placement and removal but also semi or fully-automated production lines. Metals or polymers, flat or cylindrical parts, standard marking tasks or graphical content, mobile or stationary use: the new EasyMark does it all.


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