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Fig. 1: StarFemto – latest ultrashort-pulse laser technology

Fig. 2: MPS – the versatile modular laser system for welding and cutting

Fig. 3: StarCut Tube – the market leader in welding medical implants and stents

Fig. 4: EasyMark: compact desktop laser marking system

Fig. 5: Performance – the benchmark in manual welding laser systems

ROFIN at MEDTEC 2012 - Femtosecond laser technology

Fiber lasers and ultrashort-pulsed lasers take center stage at ROFIN‘s 2012 MEDTEC appearance (hall 6, booth 6329). Pioneering femtosecond laser applications in medical device industry, the laser manufacturer installed the first femto cutting systems for stents and other implants several years ago. Since then, comprehensive application know-how with ultrashort-pulsed lasers in the medical device area has been accumulated.

Excellently positioned in ultrashort-pulsed laser material processing with femto- and picosecond lasers

Femtosecond lasers are steadily capturing new application areas in medical device manufacturing. Like burr-free cutting of filigree implants, made of NiTi shape memory alloys with wall-thicknesses of only a few microns, which wouldn‘t withstand mechanical post-processing. Or cold cutting of bio-absorbable implants made of PLA/PLGA, which cannot be processed with classical lasers. With StarFemto and StarPico ROFIN offers reliable ultrashort-pulsed laser sources with sufficient power for industrial manufacturing, providing an optimum solution for any application.
Fiber lasers for cutting Nitinol up to 1mm thickness

When it comes to classical fiber laser sources for material processing ROFIN sets the standard again. The StarFiber OEM series offers outstanding slew rates and thus significantly higher pulse peak power for a given pulse energy, compared to competitors. This immediately pays off with sharper cutting edges and smoother cutting surfaces - especially when cutting thicker material. With an average power from 100 to 400 W and remarkable high pulse frequencies of up to 170 kHz, the StarFiber OEM sources cover a wide range of cutting and structuring applications.

MPS - versatile, medium-sized laser workstation
The MPS (Modular Processing System) is a versatile, modular laser workstation for a comprehensive range of automated material processing applications. The all-in-one system integrates laser sources, high precision axis modules and control units in a compact housing to customer-tailored and cost-effective solutions for cutting, welding, drilling or structuring. Equipped with fiber and ultrashort-pulsed sources by ROFIN, the MPS is realizes customer-tailored and cost-effective solutions for cutting, welding, drilling or structuring in medical device manufacturing.
StarCut Tube - the tube cutting standard

StarCut Tube is the market-leading high-precision laser system for fully-automated cutting of implants or other precision parts, made from circular or oval tubes. Individually equipped with StarFemto, StarFiber or StarCut laser sources, the system realizes contour accuracies better +/- 5 ?m and strut widths down to a few microns. It processes almost all metal alloys and polymers, used in medical device manufacturing. No other stent cutting systems offers such a wealth of options and extensions, from a 2+2 option for offset cutting and flat sheet cutting, to automatic tube-loading magazines, to various, ultra-precise tube guiding systems.
ROFIN presents the new Performance, EasyMark and the CombiLine Cube live at the Medtec.
The new Performance redefines the state-of-the-art of manual laser welding featuring many application-driven innovations and numerous technical refinements in an entirely newly designed housing. Innovative laser technology, new weld-assist systems and clever solutions - the new Performance is smarter, simpler and stronger than ever.

The  EasyMark series with a footprint of only 60 cm x 60 cm is the most compact complete laser marking solution on the market. Perfect laser markings can be applied on metal and plastic surfaces in almost no time at all. The Visual LaserMarker software allows to design and transfer of the marking parameters like standard markings, consecutive numbering, logos etc from the PC.

From the range of the laser workstations the ROFIN Laser Marking Group presents the CombiLine Cube – an efficient solution for the manual laser marking. The support frame includes all necessary 19” components. The 17” touchscreen and the keyboard are integrated in the housing. An observation window at the hub enables monitoring the marking process. Two different access options are available for an easy setup and smooth processing. For installation the whole hub can be moved upwards and offers wide access to the marking area. Short cycle times can be reached due to the pneumatically driven fully automatic door. The marking process can be started by pressing a button or optionally by foot switch. Process visualisation takes place over a touch screen and permits a convenient operation. For marking of cylindrical workpieces two different circumferential indexers are optionally available. An air compressor which is integrated into the housing is also optionally available when using the pneumatic door.
The integrable ROFIN laser beam sources (PowerLine E Air 10 and 25 as well as
PowerLine F 20, F 30 and F 50) are entirely air-cooled and almost maintenance-free. By different power classes and beam characteristics, they cover wide application fields at low operating costs. With high flexibility and the use of standard components ROFIN provides with the CombiLine Cube cost-efficient solutions.

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