Press Release

Fig.1: CombiLine Basic

Fig.2: 3D marking on free-form surfaces

Fig.3: EasyMark - the compact laser marker with full-fledged CAD Extension

Fig.4: PowerLine Prime - marking laser with high throughput

ROFIN at MOTEK 2015 in Stuttgart


CombiLine Basic - laser marking more affordable than ever

ROFIN‘s CombiLine Basic offers the ideal technical solution for efficient, high-quality laser marking: a standing workstation with a large working chamber, an integrated laser marker and smart operation technology. Thanks to streamlined manufacturing processes and a focus on frequently required options, the CombiLine Basic is available at low investment costs.

Optimized for manual loading

The wide, motorized door provides easy access to a spacious working chamber and makes application setup a breeze. There is enough room even for bulky workpieces. A motorized z-axis precisely adapts the marking head position to varying workpiece heights.

Just smart

All components, including the laser marker, are controlled by an integrated computer running on Windows 7 Professional. With VisualLaserMarker, a sophisticated, industry-proven laser marking software, the definition of simple as well as complex marking layouts is a matter of minutes. It supports matrix-codes, bar codes, serial numbers and much more. The whole system is controlled via a 15" touch screen with smart operation technology.

Well thought-out and practice-driven

The CombiLine Basic accommodates variable marking sources with different wavelenghts. As access to the rear side is not required, the CombiLine Basic can be positioned close to the wall. A regular single-phased power supply is all you need.


Perfect marking on free-form surfaces 

ROFIN offers an integrated software module, which allows for visualization on any free-form surfaces by means of distortion-free parallel projection. This parallel projection ensures the geometrically correct reproduction of the marking layout even on curved or irregularly shaped surfaces, eliminating dimensional deviations or distortions. The software incorporates a 3D correction field for preparing the marking layout for the laser. The optionally available Fast Focusing Module (FFM) perfects the processing of irregularly shaped parts, particularly where significant divergences in height and large marking fields are involved. 


EasyMark - desktop laser marker with CAD suite

EasyMark now offers a full-fledged CAD (computer-aided design) suite. The CAD extension processes the CAD objects and includes the assigned laser parameter sets. This applies not only to modifications of existing objects, but also to the creation of objects that adopt data sets of adjacent lines. In this way, repetition and post-parameterizing of the marking data after layout changes are almost completely eliminated. For circles with a central angle of more than 360° for overlap contours or for rectangles with defined corner radii for retaining the path speeds, the CAD extension provides specific objects tailored to laser processing.

The EasyMark desktop laser marker realizes an innovative housing concept. Control unit and working chamber are designed as separate modules. The system not only handles standard applications with manual part placement and removal but also semi or fully-automated production lines. Powered by ROFIN's industry-proven fiber or solid state laser sources, the EasyMark marks and engraves a wide range of metals and polymers.


PowerLine Prime: An all-round attractive marking solution

PowerLine Prime is an extremely compact marking solution. This efficient air-cooled system is technically designed to mark in the existing configuration different materials with high quality and speed. The control of the PowerLine Prime is performed with standard interfaces and is implemented as a 19" industrial standard. A short laser head and separable connections guarantee maximum integration. The laser marker is equipped with a pilot laser and a variable beam expansion. The optimized pre-configuration ensures high throughput, is ready to use and available for delivery at short notice.



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