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ROFIN at Productronica 2009

PRESS RELEASE Productronica 2009

Hall B3, Booth 215

StarFiber – Fiber Lasers with 100 up to 600 W for CW and Pulse Operation

The fiber laser beam source offers single mode beam quality and can be operated in a pulsed version or in the CW mode. Best conditions for a large operational area for fine welding and fine cutting applications.

Compact, robust design, air-cooling and excellent efficiency at ideal beam quality – these are the main advantages of the new StarFiber lasers. With very small spot diameters the beam sources achieve at suitable applications welding speeds that are far beyond those of other systems.

The laser control of the StarFiber lasers is based on the ROFIN Control Unit (RCU), which provides an exact and reliable control of the pulse characteristics. The precise power control also considers the process speed at the work piece. System functions can be controlled easily and comfortably with a colored TFT touch display with graphic menu navigation and integrated help function. The supply unit and process optic are mounted in compact housings and can be easily positioned apart from each other - ideal for the simple integration into the production environment or into complete solutions like the Cube.

Cube – Universal Work Station for the Laser Material Processing

The Cube is an efficient solution for manual to semi-automatic cutting, welding or structuring applications - a universal housing design that can be equipped with a vide variety of ROFIN beam sources for the most diverse laser applications.

Laser beam source, beam guidance, process optics, galvo system or fixed optics – on the basis of the CUBE the user gets a complete system that is created individually with regard to the required application.

The integrated laser control unit (RCU) takes over the control of the complete process. The RCU controls the laser source (real-time control of laser pulses, pulse-to-pulse stability), the galvo head, the motorized axes and the workstation functions. For the comfortable operation of the CUBE there is a central touch display available that provides flexible positioning. Furthermore, it allows the creation, editing and choice of layouts and processes. Possible is both, the control of the complete process as well as the communication with superior PLC, e. g. the robot load.

PowerLine E 40 IC - Power for Demanding Marking Tasks

The PowerLine E 40 IC uses a highly efficient and end-pumped resonator module and delivers significantly increased output power at high beam quality. It offers short cycle times and opens up a wide range of new applications. Typical applications include marking on copper, metal lids or mold compounds. The high output power makes it easy to setup double-galvo configurations for maximum throughput.

CombiLine Cube - The Flexible Marking Station

ROFIN Laser Marking presents the CombiLine Cube – an efficient solution for the manual and automated laser marking. Setting and setup processes are facilitated by a widely opening housing hood. In production, a loading door that can be opened and closed quickly – if required fully automatic – provides short cycle times.

As compact all-in-one desktop systen, the class 1 device can be integrated easily into every production environment. It contains a motor-driven z-axis for the positioning of the laser unit and can be supplemented with a circumferential indexer. A pedestal with the option to carry further 19” components is available, as well.

The integrable ROFIN laser beam sources (PowerLine E Air 10 and 25 as well as PowerLine F 20) are entirely air-cooled and almost maintenance-free. With different power classes and beam characteristics, they cover wide application fields at low operating costs. With high flexibility and the use of standard components ROFIN provides with the CombiLine Cube cost-efficient solutions.


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