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Fig.1: MPS - The flexible system for customzed application solutions

Fig. 2: StarPico with high maximum pulse frequency of up to 20 MHz

Fig. 3: EasyMark – the compact laser marker with full-fledged CAD extension

Fig. 4 CombiLine Cube –cost-efficient and flexible laser marking

Fig. 5: PowerLine Pico – short pulsed laser for marking and micro material processing

Fig. 6: PowerLine Prime 15 – Marking laser with high throughput

Fig. 7: LLDROP

Fig. 8: LFS 150 OEM

ROFIN at Productronica 2013

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MPS - ROFIN's most successful all-round laser workstation


Whether it is laser welding, cutting, drilling or structuring - if the focus is on precision and flexibility the answer is MPS. ROFIN's most successful modular processing system follows a well-thought-out modular design concept. The MPS is the perfect solution for a wide variety of automated laser materials processing tasks. Beginning with typical precision mechanics applications like fine cutting of minuscule gear wheels for high-class clockworks, to high precision, taper-free injection nozzle drilling, to immaculate laser welding for medical implants.


Individually optimized for any kind of application


Depending on the individual requirement profile, the state-of-the-art CNC controller drives one out of 4 available motion systems. Starting with a basic z-axis module up to high precision granite setups. ROFIN offers a wide range of laser sources to choose from: various fiber lasers, optimized for precision cutting and welding, as well as femto and pico second lasers for cold material processing.


Well-thought-out and field-proven


Laser sources, motion system, controlling and supply units are all integrated into one compact housing. The spacious working chamber with a large pneumatic door offers enough room even for bulky workpieces, clamping units of part magazines.


MPS 3D with up to 5 interpolated axes


For 2,5D and 3D material processing applications ROFIN offers the turnkey solution MPS 3D. It has been specifically designed for automated 3D laser welding, cutting, drilling or structuring with up to 5 interpolated axes. A granite bridge setup allows for the integration of direct beam sources, such as ultra-short pulse lasers (StarFemto FX, StarPico), as well as one of ROFIN's various fiber coupled laser sources.


StarPico – Picosecond Laser with High Maximum Pulse Frequency



The StarPico was especially designed for industrial material processing. The patented resonator design with its robust set-up allows a pulse duration of 12 ps, a pulse energy of 100 µJ and provides an adjustable pulse repetition rate of up to 20 MHz. This picosecond laser allows ‘cold’ material processing of hard and brittle material and is in particular ideal for applications in the electronics, semiconductor, precision engineering, micro and medical device industry. The StarPico is available as an OEM laser source or can be provided as a laser solution equipped with a complete package comprising beam guidance, fixed optics or a galvo head for high performance and high precision cutting, structuring, ablating, marking and drilling. As an option, a frequency-doubled version with a wavelength of 532 nm can be provided.


EasyMark - desktop laser marker with CAD suite


EasyMark now offers a full-fledged CAD (computer-aided design) suite. The CAD extension processes the CAD objects and includes the assigned laser parameter sets. This applies not only to modifications of existing objects, but also to the creation of objects that adopt data sets of adjacent lines. In this way, repetition and post-parameterizing of the marking data after layout changes are almost completely eliminated. For circles with a central angle of more than 360° for overlap contours or for rectangles with defined corner radii for retaining the path speeds, the CAD extension provides specific objects tailored to laser processing.


The EasyMark desktop laser marker realizes an innovative housing concept. Control unit and working chamber are designed as separate modules. The system not only handles standard applications with manual part placement and removal but also semi or fully-automated production lines. Powered by ROFIN's industry-proven fiber or solid state laser sources, the EasyMark marks and engraves a wide range of metals and polymers.


CombiLine Cube – flexible workstation


From the range of the laser workstations ROFIN presents the CombiLine Cube – an efficient solution for the manual laser marking. The support frame includes all necessary 19” components. The 19” LED screen and the keyboard are integrated in the housing. An observation window at the hub enables monitoring the marking process. Two different access options are available for an easy setup and smooth processing. For installation the whole hub can be moved upwards and offers wide access to the marking area. Short cycle times can be reached due to the pneumatically driven fully automatic door. The marking process can be started by pressing a button or optionally by foot switch. Process visualisation takes place over a touch screen and permits a convenient operation. For marking of cylindrical workpieces two different circumferential indexers are optionally available. An air compressor which is integrated into the housing is also optionally available when using the pneumatic door.

The integrable ROFIN laser beam sources are entirely air-cooled and almost maintenance-free. With different power classes and beam characteristics, they cover wide application fields at low operating costs. With high flexibility and the use of standard components ROFIN provides with the CombiLine Cube cost-efficient solutions.


Short Pulsed Laser for Marking and Micro Material Processing



The new air-cooled PowerLine Pico completes ROFIN's ultrashort pulsed laser lineup (besides StarFemto and StarPico). The laser is available in two configurations: as an all-purpose laser source and as laser marking solution.

The PowerLine Pico is an efficient tool for marking, engraving and thin film ablation and structuring. The exceptionally high pulse frequency of 200 to 800 KHz offers high throughput and allows for maximum pulse overlapping, like structuring of thin films in solar cell manufacturing with > 95% pulse overlap at 1500 mm/s.


The new laser source features a linear polarized and collimated output beam with 1064 nm wavelength. Additionally ROFIN offers the laser with second and third harmonic wavelength (532 and 355 nm).


Compared to nanosecond sources, the picosecond pulse length significantly reduces thermal damage in adjacent material. This results in better ablation quality, less surface roughness and enhanced precision of selective layer ablation. Furthermore, the shorter pulses significantly help reducing thermal penetration depth of delicate ablation processes, like marking of silicon.

The new laser source perfectly meets the requirements of various applications in wafer production, medical device manufacturing and micro material processing, just to name a few.



PowerLine Prime 15: An all-round attractive marking solution



PowerLine Prime 15 is an extremely compact marking solution. This efficient air-cooled system is technically designed to mark in the existing configuration different materials with high quality and speed. The control of the PowerLine Prime 15 is performed with standard interfaces and is implemented as a 19" industrial standard. A short laser head and separable connections guarantee maximum integration. The laser marker is equipped with a pilot laser and a variable beam expansion. The optimized pre-configuration ensures high throughput, is ready to use and available for delivery at short notice.


Productivity is a matter of the head


Welding of cylindrical or other rotationally symmetric parts typically requires rather inefficient solutions, based on complex motion systems. However, a rotating laser processing head takes all the hassle out of this task. Rotating laser optics allow for fast and efficient circular laser welding of parts within a tray on a conveyor or rotary table.

Looking for the best way to weld together two concentric positioned workpieces - maybe even for bulk production? Swiss-based ROFIN-LASAG AG, a small but powerful laser expert, developed an optimum beam guidance system for this challenge. LLDROP is a rotating laser head, specifically designed for circular point, seam and segment welding. The workpieces can be pre-arranged in trays and fed via a conveyor. At the laser processing station, the circular welding is carried out at a freely programmable rotation speed. There is no need any longer for a rotary axis within the CNC motion system or part handling automation. A simplification which not only streamlines the production process but also reduces manufacturing complexity and overall production costs. Workpieces can be fed with indexing tables, tablets and Monorail systems as well. 

Besides enabling more efficient part handling, the LLDROP scores with its modularity and versatility. A wide range of diameters (currently 0-27 mm, 25-47 mm and 45 – 67 mm) can be welded with various angles of incidence (45°, 30° and 15°). To obtains perfect welding results, the inert gas nozzle turns together with the laser beam.

The LLDROP has been optimized for the SLS and FLS solid state laser sources as well as for the LFS fiber laser. Solid state lasers offer an average power of up to 800 W and a maximum pulse energy of 200 J. Whereas the highly efficient and maintenance-free fiber laser provides 150 W and 15 J pulse energy.


The LLDROP will be showcased at various specialized trade fairs within the next months. For detailed information please write to



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