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Hamburg/Germany, 12 September 2013: From 16th to 21st September the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN opens its doors in Essen, Germany, and invites visitors to the most important event of joining technology. The ROFIN Macro Group presents in hall 3, booth C 101, new laser sources for welding and cutting as well as for surface treatment applications.


The ROFIN Macro Group offers a wide range of high-power lasers, from sealed-off CO2 lasers to multi-kilowatt fiber lasers. The low maintenance, diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab Laser leads the multi-kilowatt range. This product is integrated into cutting lines and welding systems all over the world. Our high-power fiber lasers are used for all application fields, where shortwave      (1 µm) radiation is advantageous and the flexible beam guidance with fiber optics is required. Q-switched, solid-state lasers complement the laser solutions. The product portfolio is rounded off by intelligent system technology for scanner and remote welding as well as for the welding of tubes and profiles.

More Power for Welding and Cutting – the Fiber Laser ROFIN FL 060

In response to customer's needs for increased welding and cutting performances, ROFIN introduces the new 6 kW fiber laser FL 060.

Thanks to the new, more powerful pump modules, ROFIN is able to generate 6 kW laser power out of only 4 fiber laser units that generate 1.5 kW output power, each at sufficient power reserve.

As all other lasers from the ROFIN FL Series, the FL 060 is extremely efficient and has been designed for optimum reliability. Through the use of switchable optical fibers with diameters from 100 µm up to 800 µm, the beam quality can be precisely adapted to the processing task. A far broader field of application processing can be achieved with ROFIN fiber laser technology than with earlier solid-state laser technologies. The 1 µm wavelength achieves high absorption in many materials. Fiber lasers are suitable for cutting, welding, and surface modification applications, as well as for a wide variety of scanner-based applications. The lasers are controlled by the proven ROFIN CONTROL UNIT (RCU) which is easily interfaced to a variety of industrial control systems. The RCU also features an integrated solution for scanner operation eliminating the need for a separate controller for the scanner head. Combined with the excellent beam quality, it allows different processing geometries to be placed rapidly and accurately at different positions on the work piece.

CO2 Slab Laser with New Control and Interface

With a new control and user interface ROFIN presents its proven CO2 Slab Laser at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. The inclusion of the ROFIN CONTROL UNIT for the Slab Series means that now all products across the MACRO product range are equipped with the same control platform and comparable interface. As with the products of the FL and the DQ Series, extended monitoring and control functions are now included on the new CO2 Slab Laser control, resulting in improved pulse-to-pulse stability, manifold control and log functions including e-service.

At the fair ROFIN will be presenting its well-established CO2 Slab Laser, the ROFIN DC 050 with 5 kW output power, in the Compact Version. This model combines laser head and control cabinet in one unit. Furthermore, the lasers from the ROFIN DC Series are available as a compact integration package or as a head/cabinet combination. The new control cabinet, which can be stood against a wall, only requires access from one side and at the same time, has a smaller physical footprint.

ROFIN’s low-maintenance CO2 Slab Lasers are extremely service-friendly thanks to the principle of diffusion cooling. The laser operates with only a few extremely durable components and does not need conventional gas recirculation – leading to a considerable reduction of maintenance and the gas consumption is also minimized. The laser beam that is produced in the resonator is uncoupled by a diamond window without any losses of power or beam quality. The internal water-cooled mirrors are robust and non-wearing reflective optics.  ROFIN’s CO2 Slab lasers with output powers up to 8,000 W are in use at manufacturing sites all over the world. The excellent reliability, low maintenance, and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions.


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