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StarFiber 600 for fine welding, fine cutting and drilling

CombiLine Cube – the all-purpose platform for automated laser marking

ROFIN at the AMB 2010

ROFIN, the global leader in manufacturing laser systems for material processing focuses on integrated laser systems for manual and CNC welding, fiber lasers and automated laser marking at this year’s AMB.

StarFiber – fiber lasers with up to 600 Watt power
ROFIN has introduced new products to the successful StarFiber product range. ROFIN provides a complete range of fiber lasers with a power spectrum ranging from 5 to 2000 watts. In particular, for fine metal cutting, the 100 watt system is very capable. The product range is now enhanced by a laser source with 600 watts power.

The fiber laser beam source offers single mode beam quality and can be operated in a pulsed version or in the CW mode. Best conditions for a large operational area for fine welding, fine cutting and drilling applications and drilling. Compact, robust design, air-cooling and excellent efficiency at ideal beam quality – these are the main advantages of the new StarFiber lasers. The laser control of the StarFiber lasers is based on the ROFIN Control Unit (RCU), which provides an exact and reliable control of the pulse characteristics. The precise power control also considers the process speed at the work piece.

Automated laser marking with the CombiLine Cube

ROFIN’s CombiLine Cube is the all-purpose platform for automated laser marking. Many different laser sources, galvo or axis systems can easily be integrated into the flexible, all-in-one, table-top Class 1 laser system. The solid system platform guarantees high-precision processing of the workpiece. For easy job setup the whole machine front slides up to give easy access to the marking field. During production, the fully-automated pneumatic door provides for short cycle times. The removable side covers allow manual loading as well as the preparation for feeding via assembly line, robot or pick-and-place device.

Integral with updated 200 Watt Laser
For manual laser welding, ROFIN provides the Integral all-purpose laser welding system with a completely up-dated 200 Watt laser source. The new design is focused on optimizing welding results with highly reflective materials like aluminium. The new laser resonator improves the pulse-to-pulse stability and the depth of focus and hence the system’s flexibility when welding demanding material combinations. First customer reactions are impressively positive and confirm the considerably easier setting of parameters. The new “V track” mode for easy definition of parallel welding vectors, by inputting 2 points, has been launched. This allows the definition of complex welding paths using the x-y-z and rotary axis, enabling a helical thread to be welded extremely easily.

ROFIN – your partner for specialist solutions
ROFIN is not only a manufacturer of laser sources and standard systems, but also an experienced provider of turnkey system solutions, which may be tailored to specific and demanding applications. Only recently, a system for metal marking with a marking field 2500 mm long and 300 mm wide with a maximum positional tolerance of 2 microns has been produced. Built on a granite base, the system includes temperature-stabilized axes and galvo heads and has been taken from design to completion in the space of a few months.

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