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Fiber laser FL 020

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Hamburg/Germany, December 2009: The ROFIN Laser MACRO group presents a series of laser sources and innovative laser-based system solutions for cutting, welding, and other applications, from the 1st to the 4th of December, 2009 in Hall 1, Booth 1520, at the BLECHEXPO in Stuttgart/Germany.

Master of Applications – ROFIN’s New 2,000 Watt Fiber Laser

ROFIN presents the newest model from their fiber laser series with an average output power of 2,000 Watts. Whether it’s welding, cutting, brazing, cladding or hardening – the ROFIN FL 020 is the perfect solution.

Due to the modular design, this laser meets the highest industrial demands. The “all-in-glass“ technology used guarantees maximum reliability.

„We are glad to enlarge our fiber laser series with this new model“, commented Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH. „With its higher output power, the FL 020 is able to cover a large number of industrial applications both economically and effectively. Our new fiber lasers are a precious addition to our successful CO2 Slab lasers. A modular optics kit for beam delivery and selectable fiber diameters offer a maximum of flexibility, hence fiber lasers can be easily adapted to meet various application demands“.

Fiber lasers of the FL Series offer highest cutting speeds in thin sheet metals and are easy to integrate into 3D systems as 5-axis machines or robots. They are an ideal addition to traditional CO2 laser cutting, covering the entire range of sheet metal thicknesses.

With output power in the range of 500 to 2,000 Watts, these fiber lasers have a multitude of uses in welding applications as well - whether in standard welding systems, customer-specific system technology or as a replacement for conventional welding techniques. The wide selection of fiber diameters and modular optics design make it easy to match required weld geometries.

Beside classical cutting and welding applications, fiber lasers of the FL Series can also be used for brazing, cladding and hardening applications.
ROFIN’s Slab Laser – the Universal Cutting and Welding Tool

With the DC Series ROFIN offers the ideal cutting laser for the entire range of sheet metal thicknesses. These lasers also have a multitude of uses in various welding applications. The excellent reliability, low maintenance and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions. 

At the BLECHEXPO, ROFIN will demonstrate the technology to give a detailed insight into the essential components within this laser.

The principle, which has been successfully implemented for over a decade, is based on the concept of activating a CO2 gas mixture between two parallel copper electrode plates (slabs). Excitation of the laser gas takes place in the RF field between the water-cooled electrodes. The heat generated in the gas is dissipated by the water-cooled electrodes (diffusion cooling). Thus, the conventional gas circulation systems involving roots blowers or turbines are not required. A beam shaping module is integrated into the laser head and produces a high-quality round symmetrical beam. The resonator design produces a 45° linearly polarized beam.

The RF generator is completely integrated directly into the laser head and does not take up precious floor space. Therefore, the Slab laser is one of the most compact CO2 lasers in all power classes at the market.

However, the essential advantage of the Slab principle is that the laser gas neither is circulated nor repeatedly renewed. Thus, there is no need for turbines and blowers, which are susceptible to wear and tear and high maintenance requirements. Optics contaminated by flowing laser gas (especially the outcoupling windows) are a thing of the past. The Slab principle also has advantages in the “standby” mode: by omitting loads like turbines or blowers electrical costs are cut. The relatively small amount of cooling water in circulation further reduces energy consumption. The minimal service requirements and energy efficient features reduce overall cost of ownership.

Thanks to the robust design resulting in low maintenance and an excellent beam quality of K = 0.95, the ROFIN Slab laser is one of the most successful CO2 lasers for industrial materials processing.

Small and Compact – the CO2 Laser from the ROFIN SC Family

The “sealed-off“ lasers of the SC Series are ideal tools for light industrial applications such as cutting, drilling and marking. ROFIN will present the laser with the highest power from this series at the fair: ROFIN SC x60, which has an average output power of 600 W.

ROFIN’s sealed-off CO2 lasers, based on the Slab principle, are available in power ranges from 100 to 600 Watts. They are designed to be compact and light weight, making integration with mechanical handling equipment straight forward. The SC x60 uses a closed loop to control the lasers output power, this guarantees a power stability of ± 2%. We can provide several options to enhance the performance of the laser. These include a laser diode pointer for rapid targeting of the work piece; an electro mechanical safety shutter; a circular polarizer and anti back reflection unit (ATFR).

Sealed-off CO2 lasers are used in cutting thin sheet metal, paper, glass, wood and plastics as well as in rapid prototyping and marking.


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