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ROFIN at the EuroBLECH 2012

Hamburg/Germany, October 22, 2012: At the EuroBLECH 2012 in Hanover, the world’s largest exhibition for the sheet metal working industry, the ROFIN Laser MACRO group presents in hall 15, booth N29, numerous laser sources and innovative laser system solutions for cutting, welding and other applications.

The ROFIN Laser Macro Group offers a wide range of high-power lasers, from sealed-off CO2 lasers to multi-kilowatt fiber lasers. The low maintenance, diffusion-cooled CO2 Slab laser leads the multi-kilowatt range. This product is integrated into cutting lines and welding systems all over the world. Our high-power fiber lasers are used for all application fields, where shortwave (1 µm) radiation is advantageous and the flexible beam guidance with fiber optics is required. Q-switched, solid-state lasers complement the laser solutions. The product portfolio is rounded off by intelligent system technology for remote and scanner welding as well as for the welding of tubes and profiles.

“When customers make enquiries we always focus on the application and its parameters, and then decide about the right laser technology”, says Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH. “As the only supplier of CO2 and fiber lasers in the high output range, the two main technologies for the industrial cutting and welding market, we can offer our customers a solution tailored precisely to their application. We are pleased that we can present our comprehensive range of laser sources to a broad public at the EuroBLECH 2012 exhibition”.


Efficient and Brilliant – our Fiber Laser Family

Fiber lasers have been already well established in the industrial manufacturing and stand for efficiency and precision in a variety of applications. At the EuroBLECH, ROFIN presents even four lasers out of its FL Series of high brightness fiber lasers.

With their high performance (up to 4,000 Watt), fiber lasers are suitable for classical cutting and welding applications as well as for a variety of scanner-based applications. The emitted wavelength in the range of 1 µm achieves a high degree of absorption in many materials, therefore the lasers of the FL Series cover all common solid-state laser applications. Because of their design, they are very compact, robust, highly efficient and available with excellent beam quality. Due to the use of multi-mode optical fibers with diameters of 50 to 800 microns, the beam quality can be configured precisely to the processing task. For applications requiring the highest accuracy and precision, single-mode lasers (up to 1,000 Watt) allow beam quality of     ? 0.4 mm x mrad. Therefore, the ROFIN fiber lasers cover a much broader scope than any previous solid-state laser technology.

The excellent beam quality also facilitates the efficient use of scanners, which allows different processing geometries to be placed rapidly and accurately at different positions on the workpiece. This reduces cycle time and the productivity can be increased. For this, the integrated scanner controller (optional) for 2D scanner offers the ideal conditions.

ROFIN fiber lasers are available in Standard or Compact version. Optional beam switches and power splitters are available in the standard variants, which allow the operation of up to four workstations with a single laser. This reduces the system downtime and therefore increases utilization of the laser. With the Compact version of the fiber laser, ROFIN offers a system solution for easy integration into existing system concepts.

At the EuroBLECH, ROFIN presents with the FL 010 C, the FL 020 C and the FL 030 C three lasers in the Compact version with output powers of 1,000 Watt, 2,000 Watt and 3,000 Watt as well as the FL 040, a laser in the Standard version, with an output power of 4,000 Watt in combination with ROFIN’s Scanner Welding System.

Fast and Flexible – ROFIN‘s Scanner Welding System

Due to their high beam quality, fiber lasers are particularly suitable for scanner welding applications and always in demand if it comes to three-dimensional welding of complex-shaped workpieces.

With the Scanner Welding System (SWS) ROFIN presents a highly flexible welding solution. The SWS is a fast beam deflection system used for robotically guided multi-spot welding and is an ideal system solution for the ROFIN fiber laser series. The fiber laser is integrated into fully automated welding systems in combination with a 3D scanner and a robot. Complex shaped 3D components can be welded with the flexibility of the SWS. By coupling all axes of the scanner with those of the robot as a guiding machine, the system commands a total of nine selectable axes. Regardless of whether we are talking about spot, circular, wave or stitching seams – the seam geometry is freely programmable and can therefore be adjusted to strength and component requirements. Through very fast arrival at the next welding position and therewith minimized non-productive time, highest utilization of the welding process can be realized. The fast rotating mirrors in the scanner head enable extremely fast positioning of the laser beam in the range of some ms within the working field. The robot movements and speeds can be optimized by an optional offline programming of the application. A so-called reference run is used to record the path data actually travelled by the robot. The actual geometric track data gained thereby serve as the basis for calculating the scanner movements and are therefore, to the greatest extent, independent of the absolute accuracy of the robot. Repeat accuracies for the welding seam position in the range of < 0.2 mm are thus implemented.

The “RobotSyncUnit” is the ideal solution for programming, controlling and monitoring the SWS. As integrated operating and programming interface, the RobotSyncUnit takes care of an optimized interaction of the robot, scanner and laser. The type and supplier of the robot can be freely chosen.

The new scanner head doesn’t need an expensive flat field lens and therefore sets the new standard for scanner welding in harsh industrial environments of the automotive industry and other production environments.

Small and compact – CO2 Lasers of the ROFIN SC Family

The “sealed-off“ lasers of the SC Series are ideal tools for light industrial applications such as cutting, drilling and marking.  ROFIN will present the laser with the highest power from this series at the fair: ROFIN SC x60, which has an average output power of 600 Watt.

The sealed-off CO2 lasers of the SC Series are available in the power range from 100 to 600 Watt and are based on the proven slab principle. They are designed to be compact and light weight, which allows then to be easily integrated with robotic technology. A power stability of

± 2% is guaranteed. ROFIN can provide several options to enhance the performance of the laser. These include a laser diode pointer for rapid targeting of the work piece as well as special optics for the generation of a circularly polarized beam.

Sealed-off CO2 lasers are used in cutting thin sheet metal, paper, glass, wood and plastics as well as in rapid prototyping and marking.

ROFIN’s Bestseller – the Slab Laser

From the broad range of high-performance CO2 Slab lasers, ROFIN presents the DC 040 with an average output power of 4,000 Watt.

ROFIN’s low-maintenance CO2 Slab lasers are extremely service-friendly thanks to the trend-setting principle. The laser operates with only a few extremely durable components and does not need conventional gas recirculation – leading to a considerable reduction of maintenance and the gas consumption is also minimized. The laser beam that is produced in the resonator is uncoupled by a diamond window without any losses of power or beam quality. The internal water-cooled mirrors are robust and non-wearing reflective optics.

ROFIN’s CO2 Slab lasers with output powers up to 8,000 W are in use at manufacturing sites all over the world. The excellent reliability, low maintenance and superior beam quality attract customers from a variety of industries and regions.


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