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Easy Opening of coffee stick pouches (cross web direction)

Scribing of two parallel forms in web direction for Easy Opening

Laser perforated Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Steam ventilation for microwave convenience food through laser perforated wholes

ROFIN at the FachPack 2010

ROFIN – the market leader for laser systems for perforating, scribing and marking of packaging films – presents new designs in laser-optimized packaging at the Fachpack (hall 5 / booth 333). Attractive presentation, high-value storage and easy handling are the requirements made to today’s innovative packaging. Current further developments focus among others on easy resealing and individually optimized micro perforation to enhance shelf-life.

Resealing without stickers or zippers
About 10 years ago ROFIN developed the basics of selective weakening of individual packaging layers with the laser (easy opening) in co-operation with market-leading packaging manufacturers. Meantime, this technology has established worldwide. The development of packaging now focuses on the next logical step – easy resealing. The stickers and zippers which have been in use up to now are not always easy to use and increase the complexity of the packaging processes and cost.

Amcors new e-close system manufactured with laser technology from ROFIN, however, does not require any additional material and can easily be integrated into the packaging process without reducing the web speed. E-close is based on a laminate which is laser scribed from both sides showing an integrated adhesive coating. As the scribing lines are shifted to each other a circular adhesive zone is created for resealing after tearing open the free-form opening. ROFIN manufactures the laser technology for this type of high-precision synchronized laser scribing on both sides at web speeds of up to 400 m/min.

Refined perforation technology for new products
The requirements to the precise control of the whole size of packaging perforations are constantly increasing. Healthy food and healthy snacks or multi-chamber packaging for multi-component snacks give proof of this successful trends. On these packages, different perforations are applied for optimizing the shelf-life of the individual ingredients.

The ROFIN developed Web Movement Compensation (WMC) technology allows for the complete web speed compensation during the laser perforation of packaging material. Oval hole cross sections or incomplete perforated materials are history. The large range of controlled variable web speeds of this solution covers speed ranging from zero, i. e. immediately after start or till a complete stop – up to 500 m / min. Up to now, thick films like PE ( > 100 microns) or films made of complex material combinations, could not be processed cost-efficiently. The WMC technology is therefore an enhancement of production volume and quality!


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