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Fig. 1: Comfortable front end for set-up of marking contents (

Fig. 2: Flexible laser marking station from ROFIN

Fig. 3: Laser perforated Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Fig. 4: Easy Opening of coffee stick pouches (cross web direction)

ROFIN at the K 2010

ROFIN - a world leading manufacturer of laser systems - demonstrates the wide range of laser plastics processing at the K 2010 with selected application examples. As ROFIN‘s product range comprises various laser technologies, there is an optimum solution for almost any laser application in the plastics-processing industries.

eLabeling is a new web 2.0 application, which allows customers to define individualized marking layouts, which then are transferred to an automated production process on ROFIN lasers at the supplier. Albrecht Jung, a leading manufacturer of electronic switches and systems, already uses this application with great success. A special web site allows any customer to order a multitude of switches with self-designed individual high-quality laser markings.

Herholz Research developed this innovative software solution and customized it for ROFIN laser markers to process various metals and plastics. Basically, eLabeling is a network application. It consists of a SQL-based server for storing and processing all information related to articles, prizes, orders and users and a web-based front-end for convenient design of comprehensive laser marking orders. An integrated, flexible template engine enables the service provider to precisely define individual marking areas on any number of different articles. For each marking order, the eLabeling server generates the entire laser marking code and controls the automated production process on a ROFIN laser marking system.

CombiLine Advanced - Reliable 24/7 Laser Marking

The CombiLine Advanced is a highly customizable, powerful laser marking system for small and medium batch sizes. Fast and precise positioning of laser source and galvo head is carried out by 3 axes with 300 mm travel. The rigid design features a worktable for workpieces of up to 100 kg weight. A rotary axis, which is required for the marking of cylindrical parts, and a rotary table are available optionally. Accommodating all its supply units in a compact housing, the workstation may be equipped with various ROFIN laser sources. The CombiLine Advanced is available with optimized working height, either for standing or seated work position. Process visualization via TFT touchscreen monitor and an observation window to the spacious working chamber ensure maximum operating comfort.

Flexible Packaging - Intelligent Re-Sealing and Optimized Perforation

The packaging industry currently puts major efforts in developing convenient re-closable packages. But the majority of solutions so far applies zips or stickers, which can be clumsy and require additional materials to be used thus rising complexity and costs of the packaging process. The new E-Close, which is manufactured with ROFIN laser technology, obviates these problems. The innovation itself is a laminate with incorporates a pressure sensitive seal.  As both sides are partially perforated with a certain offset, opening creates a flap with a circumferential adhere zone for re-closing.  ROFIN supplies the technology for synchronized, simultaneous laser perforation from both sides at full web speed. ROFIN’s new Web Movement Compensation (WMC) system provides complete compensation of web movement, during laser perforation of packaging. Oval shaped holes or incomplete perforations are things of the past. The solution encompasses a comprehensive speed range, from 0 to in excess of 500m per minute; as such it covers requirements during the whole process from immediately after start up to complete standstill. The WMC technology also allows satisfactory perforation on materials that historically could not have been processed at profitable rates, such as thick films (> 100 microns) or films comprising of sophisticated material combinations.




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