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ROFIN at the LASYS 2010


Hamburg/Munich, June 2010: The ROFIN Group has the world’s widest range of laser beam sources, components and systems for industrial material processing. At the LASYS 2010, the international trade fair for system solutions in laser material processing, the company is presenting several product innovations for cutting, welding, marking, structuring and surface processing.


Master of applications – ROFIN's 2,000 Watt fiber laser

At the LASYS 2010 the ROFIN Macro Group is presenting the powerhouse from the fiber laser series with an average output power of 2,000 watts. Whether it’s welding, cutting, brazing, cladding or hardening – the ROFIN FL 020 is the perfect solution.

“We are pleased to be able to present what is currently the highest powered laser from ROFIN’s wide range of fiber lasers”, comments Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, Hamburg. “With its high power this laser can cover a large number of industrial applications economically and is an ideal supplement to our successful CO2 Slab lasers. Top beam quality in combination with a sturdy structure, highest availability and a high degree of efficiency makes this laser a perfect tool for industrial use.”

Fiber lasers of the FL Series offer the highest speeds for cutting thin sheet metals and are easy to integrate into 3D systems such as 5-axis machines or robots. They are an ideal addition to traditional CO2 laser cutting, covering the entire range of sheet metal thicknesses.

With output powers in the range of 500 to 2,000 watts, these fiber lasers have a multitude of uses in welding applications – whether in standard welding systems, customer-specific system technology or as a replacement for conventional welding techniques. The wide selection of fiber diameters and modular optics design make it easy to match required weld geometries. Specifically when processing the thinnest materials, very efficient welding processes can be achieved with these easily focused lasers if appropriate system peripherals are used.

Attention is focused on efficiency in all models from the FL Series – a high degree of efficiency, long inspection cycles and high processing speeds characterize the ROFIN fiber lasers.

Small and compact – the new OEM version of the ROFIN SC family

From the CO2 laser range ROFIN presents the OEM 40 iX, the latest model from the successful ROFIN SC Series. With its output power of 400 watts and a beam quality of K > 0.8 the sealed-off CO2 laser, based on the industrially proven Slab principle, is suitable for the processing of organic materials, plastics, ceramics, glass and metals.

With its integrated HF power supply and a total weight of 75 kg, the OEM 40 iX is extraordinarily compact, lightweight, and can be integrated exceptionally well into system concepts in combination with scanners or other beam guidance components. Furthermore, the laser distinguishes itself by its high reliability in industrial production. The sealed-off design guarantees a long lifetime of the laser unit.


StarFiber 100 OEM – new 100 Watt fiber laser

ROFIN Laser Micro has developed the StarFiber 100 OEM with the smallest ‘Trigger to Light’ effect (the shortest switch-on delay). This laser source is ideal for the cutting of stents. In comparison to other beam sources available on the market, this laser offers a significantly higher peak pulse power over a wide frequency range. The peak pulse power produces repetition rates of up to 170 kHz. The results are a very small heat affected zone and an extraordinarily good cutting quality, making the StarFiber 100 OEM also attractive for other applications.

StarPulse – solid-state laser with high peak pulse power

The laser beam sources of the StarPulse Series offer a high peak pulse power of up to 20 kW, which is required for laser welding of highly reflective materials. StarPulse lasers employ power control that follows the double- closed-loop principle, guaranteeing high pulse-to-pulse stability and intra-pulse control, independent of reflections from the workpiece. The graphic control panel displays the effective working pulse allowing real time monitoring of each individual pulse.

Cube – user-specific laser application in complete systems

ROFIN integrates the StarFiber and StarPulse lasers, in addition to other beam sources, into a whole series of turnkey complete systems. The company is showing an example of this at the LASYS with the Cube in combination with a StarFiber 300. The Cube is the efficient solution for manual to semi-automated cutting, welding or marking applications. Laser source, beam guidance, focus module, or galvo system – based on the Cube the user gets a complete system that is individually tailored according to their application.

StarFemto – femtosecond fiber laser suitable for industrial use

The ROFIN Micro Group offers the world’s first complete solutions integrated with the new StarFemto femtosecond laser. The StarCutTube Femto is an athermal laser cutting system for medical device manufacturing. ‘Cold’ material processing with the femtosecond laser is one of the most promising new technologies for medical, photovoltaics, and a number of other industrial applications. Stephan Geiger, Managing Director of ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech, Starnberg, emphasizes: “The StarCutTube Femto cuts sensitive materials such as NiTi shape memory alloys with the highest accuracy, an extraordinarily good cutting quality and virtually rework-free. On top of that, bioabsorbable plastics such as polylactides or polyglycolides can be cut precisely with femtosecond lasers.”


New, versatile 50 Watt fiber laser

At the LASYS 2010 the ROFIN Marking Group is presenting for the first time the new, versatile PowerLine F 50 fiber laser and the end-pumped, completely air-cooled PowerLine E Air 12 laser marker.
The new Q-switched PowerLine F 50 fiber laser supplies 50 watts of output power over a pulse frequency range from 50 to 200 kHz. With suitable applications, the laser achieves double the processing speed of the PowerLine F 20 and, on top of that, it is also suitable for on-the-fly marking applications. The high pulse frequency permits high scan speeds with high average output powers. Apart from fast marking applications, the PowerLine F 50 is perfectly suited for scribing and edge isolation of solar cells as well as the cutting and structuring of metals.

The laser markers of the PowerLine F Series in the power classes 20 watts, 30 watts and 50 watts are completely air-cooled. The space-saving design makes integration into existing production environments particularly easy. A flexible optical fiber connects the extremely compact laser head with the supply unit, in which the beam generator is also accommodated. The modular structure makes on-site service straightforward and increases the system availability.

Efficient, completely air-cooled laser marker

The new PowerLine E Air 12 end-pumped, solid state laser is suitable for a broad range of marking applications on various materials. Completely air-cooled, the laser marker is virtually maintenance-free. All control and supply modules are accommodated in 19” plug-in units. These cost-saving features make the PowerLine E Air 12 a smart and economical investment.

All components of the PowerLine E Air 12 laser marker have effective air cooling. “With these new developments we have been able to extend our balanced product range by further remarkably economical solutions. Our customers get technologi-cal variety in outstanding quality. At the same time the investment costs are particularly attractive and the total operating costs are pleasantly low”, emphasizes Dr. Armin Renneisen, Managing Director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH in Bergkirchen.


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