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Picture 1: PowerLine Prime 15 - Marking laser with high throughput

Picture 2: CombiLine advanced

Pictrue 3: TTL camera

Rofin at the METAV 2012

Hall 13, Booth A 136

PowerLine Prime 15: An all-round attractive marking solution
At the METAV 2012 the ROFIN Marking Group presents an extremely compact marking solution in the 15 watt power class, the PowerLine Prime 15. This efficient air-cooled system is technically designed to mark in the existing configuration different materials with high quality and speed. The control of the PowerLine Prime 15 is performed with standard interfaces and is implemented as a 19" industrial standard. A short laser head and separable connections guarantee maximum integration. The PowerLine Prime 15 is standard equipped with a pilot laser and a variable beam expansion. The optimized pre-configuration ensures high throughput, is ready to use and available for delivery at short notice. "The Prime PowerLine 15 is the product of a desire to offer our customers economical solutions for classic marking applications," says Dr. Armin Renneisen, managing director of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, MARKING Division. "The demand for short lead times and the combination of advanced technology and attractive prices took precedence here. The result shows itself in compact designs, uncompromising quality and remarkable efficiency. We are pleased to offer our customers an all-round appealing solution. "

CombiLine Advanced - High Flexibility

With its CombiLine Advanced, ROFIN offers a stable laser workstation for small- and medium-sized batches. Thanks to its great flexibility, the system is capable of meeting every customer’s needs. The CombiLine Advanced moves laser head and deflection unit via travel axes in x, y and z direction over a range of 300 mm each – with speed and captivating precision.

Numerous Applications

With its robust and stable construction, the worktable carries workpieces of up to 100 kg. For easy loading during the marking process, the CombiLine Advanced is also available with a rotary table. Moreover, ROFIN offers both models with a rotary axis, which is required for the marking of cylindrical parts.

Accommodating all its supply units in a compact housing, the workstation requires only little room within the production area. The system’s wide range of applications is attributable to its modular concept, which integrates various different laser markers out of ROFIN’s extensive product line. Due to these advantages, ROFIN’s CombiLine Advanced guarantees efficient processing of various applications at small and medium batch sizes. 

Smart Ergonomics

To ensure optimal working height, the CombiLine Advanced is available for seated or standing operation. Process visualization via a big colour TFT touch screen monitor contributes to maximum operating comfort. The operation interface integrates both monitor and touchpad mouse. Furthermore, an observation window grants direct insight into the spacious operating area. With its new positioning concept, its stable and precise construction and its smart ergonomics, ROFIN’s CombiLine Advanced provides all the features necessary for long-standing smooth and efficient laser marking.

Laser Marking with Utmost Precision: Vision-Systems by ROFIN

When marking applications ask for maximum precision ROFIN laser markers with vision systems are the perfect answer. Even without any special workpieces pre-alignment they ensure optimum positioning of the marking content.

Any freely configurable ROFIN laser marker with 1064 nm, 532 nm or 355 nm wavelength can be equipped with a vision system. ROFIN offers different solutions with internal and/or external cameras. Typical applications are for instance offset correction, quality testing and inspection of 1D and 2D-codes (bar codes, data-matrix codes etc.) and much more. On this MOTEK ROFIN presents the interaction of the vision system with a completely air-cooled laser (CombiLine Advanced) with 25 W power class.


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