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CombiLine Basic RT - Laser workstation with rotary table

The compact laser marking system EasyMark

PowerLine Pico - Short pulsed laser for micro- and marking applications

PowerLine Prime - marking laser with high throughput

Rofin at the METAV 2014


Hall 16, Booth B 61


ROFIN showcases the new laser workstation with rotary table at the METAV


ROFIN expands its range of compact, all-in-one laser marking solutions. The CombiLine Basic RT is the new entry-level, rotary indexing table workstation.


Cost-efficient rotary table system


One year ago, ROFIN introduced the CombiLine Basic as compact and cost-effective laser marking solution for medium to large lot sizes. The CombiLine Basic RT follows the same concept and combines it with a fast rotary indexing table. The rotary table simplifies and streamlines part placement and removal as it obviates safety light


barriers and the need for two-hand operating. The entire part processing time can be used for removing and placing parts on the other half of the table. The required compressed-air supply has been integrated into the system.


Flexible setup, comfortable operation


The choice among various ROFIN laser sources for marking and micro material processing, such as end-pumped aircooled and fiber lasers, helps to find the optimum setup for a wide e range of applications. The CombiLine Basic RT features a large observation window and a 15" touchscreen for comfortable operation and setup.


The system is equipped with a motorized z-axis and prepared for attaching exhaust gas equipment. It features enhancements such as a bright workplace illumination and wheels for easy relocation.


Flexible automated laser processing at low investment costs


With the CombiLine Basic RT, ROFIN offers a flexible, rotary table laser processing workstation for automated manufacturing of medium to large lot sizes with an attractive price.


ROFIN offers attractive laser marking starter package


With high process reliability, no wear and tear, minimum maintenance and, last but not least, excellent environmental compatibility, the EasyMark offers an attractive alternative to other engraving techniques.


At the Metav 2014 ROFIN offers an attractive laser marking starter package. All EasyMarks systems ordered at the Metav will come with a prolonged period of warranty of 36 months and an automatic door (usually an optional equipment) at no extra charge.


The flexible and versatile EasyMark is one of the most compact desktop laser markers on the market. The system is easy to operate, it offers a large working chamber and integrated air-cooling. Integration in individual production facilities is a breeze. According to the customers requirements the EasyMark comes with a fiber laser or a diode-endpumped laser source.


Please experience the EasyMark live at Metav in Stuttgart in hall 16 / booth no. 61.


Picosecond Short Pulsed Laser for Marking and Micro Material Processing


The new air-cooled PowerLine Pico completes ROFIN's ultrashort pulsed laser lineup (besides StarFemto and StarPico). The laser is available in two configurations: as an all-purpose laser source and as laser marking solution.


The PowerLine Pico is an efficient tool for marking, engraving and thin film ablation and structuring. The exceptionally high pulse frequency of 200 to 800 KHz offers high throughput and allows for maximum pulse overlapping, like structuring of thin films in solar cell manufacturing with > 95% pulse overlap at 1500 mm/s. 

The new laser source features a linear polarized and collimated output beam with 1064 nm wavelength. Additionally ROFIN offers the laser with second and third harmonic wavelength (532 and 355 nm).

Compared to nanosecond sources, the picosecond pulse length significantly reduces thermal damage in adjacent material. This results in better ablation quality, less surface roughness and enhanced precision of selective layer ablation. Furthermore, the shorter pulses significantly help reducing thermal penetration depth of delicate ablation processes, like marking of silicon. The new laser source perfectly meets the requirements of various applications in wafer production, medical device manufacturing and micro material processing, just to name a few.


PowerLine Prime 15: An all-round attractive marking solution



PowerLine Prime 15 is an extremely compact marking solution. This efficient air-cooled system is technically designed to mark in the existing configuration different materials with high quality and speed. The control of the PowerLine Prime 15 is performed with standard interfaces and is implemented as a 19" industrial standard. A short laser head and separable connections guarantee maximum integration. The laser marker is equipped with a pilot laser and a variable beam expansion. The optimized pre-configuration ensures high throughput, is ready to use and available for delivery at short notice.



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