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ROFIN-LASAG laser drilling system NA 202/302/502

ROFIN-LASAG AG: Again Market Leading Position for Laser Needle Drilling

Successful sales of ROFIN-LASAG’s laser needle drilling system NA in 2013 have once again demonstrated the worldwide market-leading position for laser drilling of surgical needles.


Steel materials are getting increasingly harder. This development, along with smaller needle diameters, has led to a considerably higher demand for laser needle drilling systems built by ROFIN-LASAG located in Thun / Switzerland. This sophisticated technology, combined with many years of experience, guarantees excellent quality with high productivity and minimum waste.

ROFIN-LASAG’s needle drilling systems NA 202, 302 and 502 cover the entire market for laser drilling of surgical needles. Regardless of the material, up to 2 holes per second can be achieved at the highest performance. Removing the edges of the drilled holes is accomplished by the latest YAG or fiber laser technology immediately after the drilling process.

In close partnership with Jouhsen Bündgens Maschinenbau, ROFIN-LASAG AG has developed a complete state-of-the-art laser drilling system. Jouhsen has many years of experience in perfectly controlling pre- and post-processing of the drilling procedure. And now, the strategic cooperation between ROFIN-LASAG and Jouhsen has brought about a successful turnkey solution which is industry-proven and can tell a great success story.

ROFIN-LASAG’s R & D experts are constantly working on the optimization of the NA needle drilling system in order to fulfil the growing demands of industry and to assert their market position as innovative laser experts in needle drilling.

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