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ROFIN fiber laser with housing and optics

The new compact EasyMark marks even bulky workpieces, stand-alone or integrated in production lines

Marking laser with high throughput

The optical fiber rotary optics (LLDROP): fiber laser processing head for spot, seam and segment welding, ideal for automated high-volume solutions and improved workpiece handling

ROFIN lasers for all aspects of material processing


At LASERexpo 2013 in Poland (Sosnowiec, Hall C Booth521) ROFIN will showcase lasers sources, processing heads alongside turnkey solutions.


Think about laser materials processing? Ask ROFIN! The world-wide operating laser manufacturer, who not only offers cutting-edge laser technology but also a wealth of market-specific knowledge and highly customized systems. At the LASERexpo 2013 in  ROFIN showcases novel as well as tried and tested laser systems and turn-key solutions for laser marking, welding and high-precision cutting and drilling.

Take advantage of extensive hands-on experience, aggregated over more than three decades of laser materials processing. Laser experts from ROFIN Micro, ROFIN Marking and Swiss-based ROFIN-LASAG are there to talk with clients and potential buyers about possible laser concepts for their individual applications.

At ROFIN, virtually every laser technology is available in-house. From CO2, diode solid-state or fiber lasers to ultrashort pico and femto second lasers: Perfect preconditions to review specific benefits and limitations in order to find the perfect solution for your individual application.



Fiber lasers for fine welding and fine cutting
ROFIN not only offers fiber lasers from 100 to 600 W average power (and up to 4 kW for macro applications) but specialized fiber laser sources for certain application fields. Fiber lasers, specially designed for fine cutting with strut widths down to some microns, feature shortest switch-on delay and high peak powers over a wide frequency range.
Compact fiber lasers with closed loop power control and best pulse-to-pulse stability for fine welding with up to 2 mm depth, which is needed for consumer electronics, white goods, medical devices etc. For processing parts with greater wall thicknesses or high aspect ratio drilling, ROFIN offers specialized fiber laser sources with pulse peak powers up to 4 kW.
All fiber laser systems are available as OEM versions or with housing and optics as well as integrated in turnkey solutions.

EasyMark - desktop laser marker with CAD suite
EasyMark now offers a full-fledged CAD (computer-aided design) suite. The CAD extension processes the CAD objects and includes the assigned laser parameter sets. This applies not only to modifications of existing objects, but also to the creation of objects that adopt data sets of adjacent lines. In this way, repetition and post-parameterizing of the marking data after layout changes are almost completely eliminated. For circles with a central angle of more than 360° for overlap contours or for rectangles with defined corner radii for retaining the path speeds, the CAD extension provides specific objects tailored to laser processing.
The EasyMark desktop laser marker realizes an innovative housing concept. Control unit and working chamber are designed as separate modules. The system not only handles standard applications with manual part placement and removal but also semi or fully-automated production lines. Powered by ROFIN's industry-proven fiber or solid state laser sources, the EasyMark marks and engraves a wide range of metals and polymers.

PowerLine Prime - laser markers ready for action
Get off to a flying start with a new, extremely compact marking solution in the 12/15 watt power class; the PowerLine Prime. This efficient air-cooled, nearly maintenance-free system is designed to mark different materials with high quality and speed. The system is controlled with standard interfaces and is implemented as a 19" industrial standard. A short laser head and detachable connections guarantee maximum integration.
The PowerLine Prime 15 is equipped with a pilot laser and a variable beam expansion. The optimized pre-configuration ensures high throughput, is ready to use and available for delivery at short notice. ROFIN designed the Prime PowerLine series to offer its customers economical solutions for classic marking applications.


Processing heads for fast circular welds and energy sharing
The LLDROP processing head is the solution for fast circular seam welding. The LLDROP rotating optics system from ROFIN-LASAG is a tailor-made beam guidance system with a rotating processing head. It is ideally suited for spot, seam and segment welding of circular seams, even in mass production.

This concept takes away the necessity of mounting a rotary axis for turning the workpieces. LLDORP is superior regarding not only cost-effectiveness but also speed. Workpieces are fixed e. g. on a transfer line and guided to the processing spot where welding is carried out with a rotation speed between 5 and 300 rev/min. The rotary head
can weld different diameters at different angles: the present version allows welding at 45°, 30° and 15° angles and diameters of 0-27 mm, 25-47 mm and 45 – 67 mm. The LLDROP is optimized for the SLS and FLS (solid-state) laser sources as well as for the LFS fiber laser series.
The new triple FLBK FC, the triple version of the well-proven FLBK 60 processing head, sets a new benchmark in productivity. Energy sharing allows three identical products to be processed in one step. In combination with ROFIN fiber laser sources, it offers a highly productive system, which can easily be integrated into existing production lines.


Whether CO2, solid-state, fiber or diode lasers, from ultrashort pulse to cw operation, ROFIN provides all of the decisive key technologies and covers the entire spectrum of industrial lasers. The product portfolio ranges from industry standard laser beam sources to compact all-in-one system solutions. The application areas for ROFIN lasers are as broad as the product range. ROFIN lasers are used for production in automotive industry, aircraft construction, machine tool industry, manufacturing of electronics and semiconductors, in medical device technology, in photovoltaics, packaging industry and plastic processing, in tool and mold making as well as in jewelry design. Whether it is the use of high-power lasers in harsh industrial environments, filigree laser applications in the ?m-range or laser marking on various materials – ROFIN optimally meets all customer requirements in the field of laser technology.

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