Press Release

ROFIN-SINAR Introduces New Fiber Laser Series with High Powers into the Market

New High Power Fiber Laser Series Broadens the Product Range of the Laser Specialist from Hamburg

Hamburg, April 2009 – ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH, Hamburg broadens its product range with a new series of high powered fiber lasers. The FL Series offers two models; the FL x75 and FL 010 with output powers of 750 and 1,000 Watts respectively. The FL series has excellent beam quality and can be coupled in fiber optics with diameters of 50 ?m up to 600 ?m. This is equivalent to beam qualities of 2.5 to 30 mm x mrad. The ROFIN FL 010 S optionally offers a fiber laser solution with single mode beam qualities of typically 0.4 mm x mrad and 1,000 Watt output powers.

The ROFIN FL Series is the optimal solution for a wide range of applications. Small parts can be welded with low thermal distortion and minimal heat affected zones, steel or aluminum can be joined with welding depths of several millimeters. The excellent beam quality allows the efficient use of “dynamic beam” scanner systems allowing 2D and 3D geometries to be processed. Optional beam switch and energy share modules provide the greatest utilization of the beam source. A single laser can be used in up to four individual work cells. These features support increased cycle times and productivity while minimizing capital equipment costs. FL lasers are easily integrated to new and existing production workcells.

Based on ROFIN’s 30 year history in the industrial world, the lasers of the FL series are designed for low-maintenance operation and long-term performance.. Unlike with common concepts where the laser beam changes repeatedly between air and the laser active medium, the beam of a fiber laser does not leave the fiber optics before the processing optics (single mode) or the beam switch (multi mode). This “all-in-glass” technology reduces the risk of optical contamination and eliminates changes in beam quality.

“In the laser technology fiber lasers are considered to be forward-looking developments with an enormous innovation potential”, explains Thorsten Frauenpreiß, General Manager of ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH. “In addition to our successful CO2, Slab and solid -state lasers, we enlarge our product range to meet all requirements of our customers regarding material processing in the high power range. Fiber lasers are a precious addition to our product range and they are positioning the full-liner ROFIN optimally in the laser material processing.”

The new lasers of the FL-Series will be presented at the LASER fair in Munich from 15. - 18. June 2009. We are looking forward to your visit at our booth in hall C2, stand 359.