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VisionPerfoControl – ROFINs high precision monitoring system for laser perforated holes.

ROFINs laser solutions for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) at Interpack 2014

ROFIN – worldwide market leader for laser-optimized flexible packaging, co-operates with major packaging converters to design new laser applications and systems tailored for this important market. The emphasis in ROFIN's current activities is on individual optimization of Modified Atmosphere Packaging films and complete perforation quality assurance.


Individually optimized packaging increases shelf life up to one week
In 2013 ROFIN introduced StarMAP, the smart software solution for designing the optimum micro-perforation based on the oxygen-transmission rates of the packed product and individual storage conditions. StarMAP comes with an USDA approved database of more than 160 products (fruits, vegetables, whole / fresh cut). The solution is well-established already at numerous converters. For a comparatively low investment, it offers package optimization possibilities, which used to be reserved for the big players.

The O2-Check Kit - the next step in MAP-optimization
The product database is a good point to start from. But oxygen-transmission rates of fresh food are varying, as growing area and point of harvest have their certain influence. With the O2-Check Kit, adapting your micro-perforation pattern to these circumstances is a breeze. Just put a sample in the sensor-equipped test-box and place it in the climate cabinet. The software will record the oxygen-transmission rates over time and generate a new database record for this specific product. With the new ROFIN solution even small and medium-sized converters will be able to offer individually and seasonally optimized modified atmosphere packaging for fresh produce.

ROFIN introduces VisionPerfoControl - the true real-time monitoring of perforation quality
Until now it has been difficult to monitor and ensure that micro holes of consistent quality and diameter have been laser perforated. Typically, these holes have diameters less than 120 microns while the packaging film moves with some 100-400 m/min.

ROFIN is the first supplier to offer true real-time monitoring of perforation hole diameter and percentage roundness with the VisionPerfoControl. Each laser perforation head will be fitted with a camera and the output of each camera is processed using pattern recognition software to record the dimensions of the holes accurately. This allows for validation of the micro perforation process and eliminates the possibility of incorrect set up (e.g. focus error) from spoiling the output from the perforation system.
Furthermore, the recorded data documents 100% perforation quality of the processed material.

Visit us at Interpack 2014, Düsseldorf, 08.-14.05.2014, hall: 8A / booth: F04

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