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StarCut Tube SL - Laser cutting system for tubes

Neuro stents (30 µm struts)

Peripheral stent (nitinol)

Puzzle cut for flexible instruments like endoscopes

Strut with grooves for drug deposition

StarCut Tube SL - the new, ultra-compact laser cutting system for tubes

Starnberg/Germany, December 4th, 2014: ROFIN’s new StarCut Tube SL reflects the expertise of two decades of high-precision laser tube cutting. The newly designed system combines maximum productivity with the smallest footprint on the market.

Monolithic - mineral casting for optimum rigidity
No gaps, no joints, completely separate compartments for material processing and machine hardware, optimal water handling for wet cutting - this is only made possible with the cast mineral base. The cast base enables maximum stability and density as well as optimal vibration-damping.

Ultra-compact dimensions, spacious working chamber
With dimensions of only 1340mm width x 700 mm length, including all components and ancillary parts, the StarCut Tube SL sets the new standard for space optimisation. For comparison purposes – a euro-pallet measures 1200mm x 800 mm. Even the large, user-friendly industrial-grade touchscreen doesn’t impact on the footprint. In addition, the system can be placed directly against the wall or another system, as production and maintenance require access from only three sides.
The diagonally opening door provides ergonomic access to a spacious working chamber, there are no support struts in the way. On request, the StarCut Tube can easily be supplied with an automatic tube loader, customer-tailored automatic part removal or sorting stations.

Perfectly prepared for wet-cutting
Several applications require the tube to be flushed with liquid during the cutting process. It is with this process that the machine sets a new standard in its water management. The cast mineral setup with no joints provides an absolutely water-tight working chamber with an integrated sink. Circulating pump and filter unit are accommodated within the housing. The flow rate is computer-controlled and monitored and can be logged for process validation.

HMI Pro - next generation user interface
The StarCut Tube SL can be equipped with ROFIN’s new Human Machine Interface (HMI) Pro, which allows for a customised configuration. The new HMI integrates all user interfaces required during normal operation on a single screen. All information regarding system status and production progress is clearly visible, regardless of the component being processed. User input and parameter modification is limited to predefined fields. Separate user interface screens to control the laser, CNC and accessories are all integrated.
The HMI Pro is based on a smart administration concept which allows easy creation of production recipes. With the built-in user administration, unique access rights can be set for individual end users.

All ROFIN - components from a single source
Mechanical engineering, laser source production, cutting optics, user interface - all critical components are designed and produced by ROFIN itself. Unlike other tube cutting systems, this solution truly comes from a single source. In this way it offers substantial benefits regarding system fine-tuning and fast maintenance. And don’t forget that with reference to evaluation and application development ROFIN offers the most comprehensive application lab globally.

Made for 24/7 production with highest throughput
Powered by ROFIN’s StarFiber 180/320 FC fiber lasers, specifically optimised for fine-cutting, the StarCut Tube SL comes as an ultra-compact tube cutting system for high productivity. It cuts delicate structures with kerf widths of 15µm and below into a wide variety of established materials (including Nitinol). An absolutely reliable workhorse even for day-and-night operation.


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