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Fig. 1: Cutting of sapphire for straight, curved, angled and chamfered contours

Fig. 2: ROFIN provides a wide range of application packages for fine welding, cutting and drilling

Fig. 3: High pulse peak power (1,5 kW and 3,0 kW) combined with a high pulse energy (15 J, 30 J) and high beam quality

The Fiber Laser Solution for Retro-fitting Existing Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Applications - StarFiber P

Featuring pulse widths of up to 50 ms, the StarFiber P series is the perfect choice for numerous well-established laser material processing applications that utilize lamp-pumped, pulsed Nd: YAG laser sources. Due to their excellent wall plug efficiency, minimum maintenance requirements and high process reliability fiber lasers are the tool of choice for a wide range of industrial material processing applications. However, there are still numerous well-established processes which rely on lamp pumped pulsed laser sources with their high pulse peak power and pulse energy. ROFIN’s industry-proven long pulse StarFiber P fiber lasers represent a viable alternative for a significant number of these applications.

Well-established long pulse fiber lasers

StarFiber P lasers are already well-established in specialized application areas such as the generation of micro welding contours with single pulses, e.g. shadow welding. They are also used in precision cutting of metals and hard materials (sapphire, PCD, CBN, and ceramics) and in single-shot and percussion drilling of large aspect ratio holes.

The systems allow for pulse durations up to 50 ms and feature fast pulse modulation for pulse forming. Optimized pulse shaping yields better beam coupling and helps to achieve significantly improved welding quality with metals or metal combinations which are difficult to join.

Tailor-made solutions for retro-fitting lamp-pumped, pulsed Nd:YAG applications

ROFIN offers a broad range of accessories for StarFiber P lasers including various processing heads for welding, cutting and drilling as well as the ultrafast rotating processing head LLDROP. These components allow ROFIN to offer optimal solutions for retro-fitting lamp-pumped applications. If required, a complete line-up of turnkeysystems is available. The ROFIN application lab, one of the largest worldwide, allows for comprehensive comparative evaluation of fiber laser processes with regard to their lamp-pumped laser equivalents. The air-cooled systems meet the requirements of flexible industrial production, are equipped with all modern industrial interfaces and can be maintained via a “remote” service. Control and operation are based on the ROFIN Control Unit RCU platform.


OEM laser source, stand-alone system and application package

ROFIN offers a wide range of StarFiber P configurations: OEM sources with ROFIN RCU, stand-alone systems and integration kits with a large choice of processing heads. Upon request, ROFIN develops application specific turnkey solutions. At all times, ROFIN has conventional lamppumped pulsed laser technology available for comparison with the application results on the StarFiber P. ROFIN offers more than just laser sources. Its objective is to find the optimum solution for your industrial material processing application using the most appropriate tool.


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