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Fig. 1: MPS Compact – the smallest member of the MPS workstation family with small footprint

Fig. 2: MPS Flexible – the most successful and original MPS workstation

Fig. 3: MPS Rotary – the workstation with a rotary table solution

Fig. 4: MPS Advanced – the spacious version with a huge working chamber

The New MPS family - Another Chapter of a Success Story in Laser Material Processing

With the MPS Compact, MPS Rotary and the MPS Advanced, ROFIN expands the MPS product family. These three new multi-purpose workstations are all based on the well-established MPS Flexible and fulfill the specific requirements of our customer base.

It's only two years now since ROFIN released the MPS Flexible which has satisfied the demanding market for multi-purpose laser material processing workstations. The MPS Flexible has already established an excellent reputation in various markets, such as the automotive industry, precision engineering, medical device manufacturing and high-end watchmaking, to name a few.

MPS Compact
A small footprint and entry-level pricing are the defining characteristics of the MPS Compact from ROFIN.  Where floor space is limited, this narrow system, just 800 mm wide, is the perfect solution for these manufacturing environments.  The Compact can accommodate various fiber-coupled ROFIN laser sources and comes with a scanner head and a manual z-axis. Motorized x- and y-axis can be added optionally, typically for fixed optic applications. Laser sources and supply units are accommodated in an industry-standard 19" rack.

MPS Flexible
ROFIN's most successful MPS Flexible follows a carefully crafted, modular design concept. Depending on the needs of the specific solution, the state-of-the-art CNC controller drives one out of 4 available motion systems, starting from a basic z-axis module and going up to high-precision granite based set-ups. ROFIN offers a wide range of laser sources to choose from: Various fiber lasers, optimized for precision cutting and welding, as well as femto and pico second lasers for cold material processing.

MPS Rotary
The MPS Rotary is the new rotary table solution. Based on the same components as the original MPS Flexible system, it features a solid rotary table with 800 mm diameter. There are many applications where a rotary table simplifies and streamlines part placement and removal as it can avoid the need for safety light barriers. Partition heights of 150 or 300 mm can be configured, the standard setup includes a motorized z-axis, an x-axis is available as an option.

MPS Advanced
The MPS Advanced offers a huge working envelope with 1000 mm travel in x-direction and 600 mm travel in y-direction. It's optionally available with sliding doors for crane loading of bulky and/or heavy parts. There is a choice of two granite-based precision and high-precision motion systems with up to 2 micron repeat accuracy. The wide working chamber and the huge x-travel even allow a set-up with 2 direct beam laser sources.

Superior know-how creates superior solutions
Each MPS system is much more than just a laser workstation and can be tailored according to your specific requirements. This is only possible because ROFIN’s engineers have acquired a wealth of application-specific expertise; in classical cutting, welding, structuring and drilling tasks as well as for numerous high precision ultrashort pulse applications.

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