StarShape HP

More often, the market demands for high power applications in combination with galvo technology. Coherent-ROFIN has an excellent laser expertise in high power laser applications like e.g. laser cutting and ablation with 3-axis galvo scanning heads. These laser systems particularly have a great edge regarding flexibility and performance compared to other methods, like for example plotter systems.

The excellent beam quality of our laser beam sources of the DC series allows quite small spots (= high energy density) despite the processing field sizes and the resulting long focal lengths. And this is the premise for an extraordinary precise and fast processing step.

Features at a glance

  • Laser power 1.000 to 2.500 W
  • 3-axis technology
  • Processing fields with a range of 200 mm x 200 mm to 1.500 mm x 1.500 mm
  • Optical beam splitter for double head applications
  • Excellent performance in welding/ablation of thick and complicated material (e. g. in automotive or in medical engineering)