PowerLine F 30 LP

High pulse energy at high beam quality

The PowerLine F30 Long Pulse is a compact, operator-friendly, easy-to-handle laser processing system with very low maintenance requirements. It combines high pulse energy at relatively long pulse width with the lowest cost of ownership.

The PowerLine F 30 LP comes with a scanning head, numerous options in
beam expanders and flat field lenses as well as the VisualLaserMarker type software (VLM).

Features at a glance

  • Compact setup
  • Excellent pulse-to-pulse stability
  • Highly reliable fiber architecture for flexible operation
  • High pulse energy
  • Air cooling

Typical applications

  • Diverse marking applications
  • several drilling applications, e.g. trepanning drilling of MWT solar cells
  • Scribing, perforating and other applications in micro material processing

Technical Data

  • Average power 30 +/- 1 W (am Faser-Ende)
  • Pulse energy: max. 2 mJ
  • Pulse width: 1500 +/- 300 ns
  • Wavelength: 1064 mm
  • Beam quality: Typ: 1,5 (max. 2)