StarFiber 150 P / 300 P

Long pulse fiber laser

StarFiber 100/200 OEM zum Laserschneiden z.B. von Stents in der Medizintechnik

The pulsed fiber lasers StarFiber 150 P (single mode) and 300 P are available as multimode (MM) system. The air-cooled systems meet the requirements of flexible industrial production, specifically in medical technology, are equipped with the modern industrial interfaces and can be maintained via a “remote” service. Control and operation are based on the Rofin RCU platform.

The systems allow for pulse durations up to 50 ms and are therefore suitable for a wide range of excellent quality applications. Using a fast pulse modulation for pulse forming, metallurgical pulses can be used with problematic metals or metal combinations to achieve a significantly improved welding quality.

The StarFiber Laser exhibits extremely high electrical efficiency and is generally maintenance-free and you get them as OEM products. The StarFiber 150 P and 300 P allows customers with flexible production requirements to switch between long pulse and pulse modulation.

Typical applications and markets in micro-processing

  • Precision seam and point welding with welding process optics or scanners
  • Generation of micro contours with individual pulses, e.g. SHADOW welding or cutting
  • Precision cutting of metals, hard materials such as sapphire, PCD, CBN, and ceramics
  • Single-shot and percussion drilling with large aspect ratio and high productivity

Technical features

  • 19 inch housing (OEM)
  • Standalone
  • Wavelength 1070 nm
  • Red target beam

Pulsed mode StarFiber 150 P

  • Max. average power 150 W
  • Max. pulse power 1.5 kW
  • Max. pulse energy 15 J
  • Pulse duration max. 50 ms
  • Max. pulse repetition rate 50 kHz

Pulsed mode StarFiber 300 P

  • Max. average power 300 W
  • Max. pulse power 3 kW
  • Max. pulse energy 30 J
  • Pulse duration max. 50 ms
  • Max. pulse repetition rate 50 kHz