Laser marking of moving workpieces

For marking of workpieces in motion, we offer an especially developed solution which guarantees highest quality and processing speeds. The marking “on-the-fly” can be used for linear movements as well as for rotary axes. In the latter case, the marking is applied on the surface tangentially without any distortion. The encoder signal for the position-/motion adjustment is processed in real time, taking in consideration changes of the processing speed.

For creating the marking layouts, our Visual-Laser Marker Software is the perfect tool. It offers multiple possibilities to set the parameters for the marking objects and workpieces. The software can be extended with the VBScript-Macros. All marking objects are equipped with an interface, so that even most complex sequences or data connections can be easily integrated.

Features at a glance

  • High process efficiency without waiting times
  • Excellent marking results
  • Available with every individually configurable laser marker of our company
  • Broad field of applications in a wide range of industries