PowerLine F Serie

Fiber lasers with different output powers for micro and marking applications


The PowerLine F series comprises innovative fiber lasers with different power ranges. All systems deliver 1 mJ pulse energy with a fast turn-on time and high peak power over a wide range of repetition rates. The emitted average laser power can be set using the fiber amplifier.


The PowerLine F 20 Varia's adjustable pulse length provides perfect results even with challenging applications (e.g. corrosion-free marking). Best marking results can be achieved with the PowerLine F 20 Varia in cases in which a lot of material has to be removed at high speed as well as when it comes to fine material removal.


The PowerLine F 50 and F 100 are operated in pulse modes at frequencies up to 200 kHz. As a result the PowerLine F 50 and F 100 are perfectly suitable for high-speed marking, scribing, edge isolation, structuring and cutting applications.


Specific Versions of the product line are available e.g. for semicon applications (PowerLine F IC) and security documents (PowerLine F PC).

Typical Applications

  • marking
  • engraving
  • etching
  • trimming
  • scribing
  • edge Isolation
  • structuring
  • cutting

Features at a glance

  • different power ranges for various applications
  • completely air-cooled
  • low operating costs
  • single and double galvo
  • compact laser head

Power range:
Laser type:
Wavelength, (typ.):
Marking field:
Power consumption:

20 W, 30 W, 50 W, 100 W
diode-pumped fiber Yb
1064 nm
120 x 120 mm
330 VA, 390 VA, 470 VA, approx. 570 VA,
approx. 350 VA (PowerLine F 20 Varia)

Typical Applications