The Compact Laser Engraving System for the Jewelry Industry


Advanced laser technology and marking software enable new applications and bring laser marking and engraving to the highest standards. The new EasyJewel with ‘Enhanced Mode’ has been especially designed for circumferential seamless designs and large components requiring homogeneous surfaces.

The majority of materials used in the jewelry industry including precious metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics can be processed. The rugged construction and ease of operation are benefi cial for any jeweler: clamping the rings for internal or external marking with the laser is unrivalled.


  • Very easy operation using graphical interface
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Ring marking module – patent pending
  • Integrated air cooling
  • Spacious working chamber


  • Clamping for bracelets with up to 80 mm outer diameter
  • Enhanced mode for seamless circumferential designs and larger diameters
  • Automatic door
  • Various camera systems for easy alignment
  • Exhaust unit with remote start and control function