PowerLine Prime 12

Standardized marking laser with excellent beam quality

The PowerLine Prime 12 is an air-cooled laser marker with a wavelength of 1064 nm. The beam source operates in fundamental mode. This ensures best focussablity and high marking resolution. With excellent pulse stability, the PowerLine Prime 12 is the ideal tool for demanding marking applications on different materials.

The PowerLine Prime 12 is also available with a special configuration for Semicon applications as well as for the laser marking of security documents.

Features at a glance

  • high beam quality
  • best focussing ability
  • excellent pulse stability
  • attractive price
  • flexible service concept

Laser type:
Output power:
Beam generation:
Pulse frequency:
Marking field:
Power consumption:

Nd: YV04
up to 12 W
1064 nm
diode end-pumped solid state laser
10 - 200 kHz, cw as well
120 x 120 mm, 240 x 240 mm
max. 420 W