PowerLine Rapid NX

Ultra-short pulse laser for demanding applications

With the ultra-short pulse laser PowerLine Rapid NX we offer an innovative alternative solution for permanent marking of stainless steel without post-processing, particularly with regard to the mandatory UDI (unique device identifier) marking in the medical sector. Implemented in a CombiLine Advanced XL, Coherent | ROFIN  provides a stable laser workstation for small- and medium-sized batches.

  • Perfect for permanent UDI (unique device identifier) marking of stainless steel devices
  • Ultrashort Picosecond laser black marking for extremely high-contrast
  • Indestructible and non-corrosive mark
  • Contamination-free sub-surface markNon-destructive anodized layer marking
  • No need for passivation
  • Extremely small code dimensions possible
  • Resistant against corrosion and multiple autoclaving cycles
  • Automated high throughput process

Features at a glance

  • Vision System optional 
  • Fast Focusing Modul optional
  • HALT/HASS design

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