PowerLine E UV-Series

Convincing UV Lasers for Marking and Micro Applications

The UV marking lasers PowerLine E UV with wavelength of 355 nm are, due to a high repetition rate, particularly suitable for marking plastics (ABS, PA). They reach very high speeds which are indispensable for short cycle times in industrial manufacturing environments. With high peak powers they are most suitable for fine marking and structuring without thermal impact on glass applications and/or ceramics.

They also provide an excellent quality for classical laser marking applications and micro material processing.

Our UV lasers are available in different power ranges.


UV Laser project in cooperation with the EU

Features at a glance

  • high marking speed
  • best beam quality
  • excellent pulse-to-pulse stability
  • compact all-in-one 19" supply unit
  • low operating costs
  • for micro and marking applications

Powerline E UV 5 - 355

Pulse Frequency:
Power class:


Powerline E UV 10-355

Pulse Frequency:
Power class: 


355 nm
20 - 200 kHz
5 W



20 - 200 kHz
10 W