PowerLine E Series

End-pumped Solid-State Lasers with a Wide Range of Applications


Laser markers for a wide range of applications which are particularly easy to integrate and to maintain. The system comes with Visual LaserMarker (VLM), an application software which allows the layout, generation and transfer of the required marking data to be sent straight from the PC to the laser marker.

Depending on application requirements the lasers of the PowerLine E product line are available as air-cooled, water-air-cooled, in different wavelenghts (1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm) and various power ranges.

Specific versions of the product line are available e.g. for semicon applications (PowerLine E IC), security documents (PowerLine E PC) and for the solar industry (PowerLine E PV).


Features at a glance

  • different power ranges
  • Several wavelengths
  • single and double galvo configuration
  • easy integration through compact design

Laser type:
Output power class up to:
Pulse frequency:
Marking field:
Power consumption:

diode end-pumped Nd: YVO4
10 W - 40 W
1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm
1 – 200 kHz, and CW
120 x 120 (other dimensions on request)
0.5 kW - 1.88 kW

Typical Applications