SLS Series

Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser

The lasers of the SLS Series have been exclusively developed for processing materials using optical fiber technology With the modular structure, 30 different designs are available.


Typical applications and markets

  • Spot and seam welding of sophisticated materials and material combinations
  • Perfectly suited for spot welding of brittle or high-carbon steels
  • Flat welding seams, particularly for biocompatible materials
  • Hermetically pressure-sealed and tear-free welding
  • High-speed SHADOW applications

Technical features

  • Optical fiber beam control of up to 6 outlets, fiber diameter from 50 – 600 µm
  • Integrated beam switch for Time and Energy Sharing of the optical fiber beam control
  • Unique RTPS technology with outstanding pulse-to-pulse stability of up to 0.5%, specifically for low pulse power
  • High pulse energies & pulse lengths of up to 200 ms
  • Pulse capacity control, high-resolution pulse forming, pulse-on-demand, power burst
  • Unique RTPS technology with real-time check of important system parameters such as capacity reserves and lamp lifetime
  • Control and monitoring of each individual laser pulse with selection option
  • Active water or air cooling, depending on the laser capacity
  • Universal interfaces
  • Simple integration in the production environments
  • The most compact laser in its class

Technical Specifications

  • Average power max. 10 - 220 W
  • Pulse duration 0.1 – 200 ms
  • Pulse frequency 0.1 - 500 Hz
  • Pulse energy, max. 110 J
  • Pulse power max. 8.0 kW