CombiLine Advanced

Precise Laser Marking Solution for Continuous Operation


The CombiLine Advanced is available in different versions either for standing or seated work position, with rotary table (model RT) or work table (model WT). The laser marking system can be equipped with the optimum laser source for designated applications. With motorized axes even marking of workpieces with complex geometry is a breeze. Process visualization through 15“ touchscreen ensures maximum ease of use.


Features at a glance

  • Suitable for heavy workpieces with complex geometry
  • Rotary table or work table models available
  • Can be equipped with PowerLine E or PowerLine F laser sources

Dimensions (W x H x D):

CombiLine Advanced WT

Axes Travel (x, y, z):   
Circumferential indexer diameter:        
Max. workpiece dimension (W x H x D): 
Max. workpiece weight:        

CombiLine Advanced RT

Axes travel (x, y, z)
Rotary table diameter:   
Rotary table rotation time:     
Max. workpiece dimension (W x H x D):  
Max. workpiece weight (each side):   

1376 x 1750 x 2013 mm, (H = 1900 mm with standing operation)

z: max. 300 mm
150 mm
700 x 500 x 550 mm
100 kg incl. holding fixture

z: max. 300 mm
800 mm (electrically driven)
2.4 sec
400 x 295 x 300
10 kg incl. holding fixture