PWS - Our Profile Welding System

Laser Welding of Tubes and Profiles


The Profile Welding System PWS from Coherent-ROFIN is a complete laser welding system with integrated process sensors for gap recognition and seam tracking.

The new Weld Sensor allows the user to make automatic corrections to the welding position on the joint gap via the integrated control system, in addition to observing the welding process. The new PWS control maintains the tried and proven central operating concept, but also offers additional features. The new features include easier integration to third party or customer controls using an Ethernet-based connection, as well as process-specific functions such as product data storage. The fast precision linear drives, also with a new control concept, continue to ensure the greatest possible production throughput. They facilitate a positional accuracy of the laser beam of just a few μm with welding speeds of up to 60 m/min.

The modular construction of the PWS and standardized interfaces allow for an easy integration - also in already existing systems.  The approved beam guiding systems ensure a safe operation under industrial conditions. The PWS works virtually maintenance-free and is resistant to oil, dust, dirt, dampness and electrical disruptions, that is, ideal for usage in harsh industrial environments.

Depending on the requirements, the PWS is fitted with optimized jet geometries in order to achieve the best possible application results. A special weld head allows drag welding, which optimizes the process for high welding speeds. Other features, such as documentation of process data for quality monitoring purposes, can also be integrated on an optional basis.

The PWS can be combined with different laser beam sources from Coherent-ROFIN, such as the fiber lasers of the HighLight FL Series or the CO2 lasers of the DC Series, to optimally adapt to the requirements of the customers.