Performance Family

The ideal Laser Machine for manual laser welding

Back in 1992 we pioneered manual laser welding, setting the standards for more than 20 years in the market. The Performance is available in three different variations - two closed laser-safe versions and an open one - to meet the needs of our customers in an ideal way.

Performance - 
Revolutionary working chamber

The hinged cover provides wide and completely free access to a spacious working area and can be operated with one hand while using the other hand to hold the workpiece.

Performance Unlimited - High flexibility combined with high laser safety

A new combination of a mechanical rocker as hand rest and a laser proof safety curtain safeguards maximum laser safety without additional precautions.

This brand new laser safety concept provides perfect comfort and user-friendliness especially when welding long and bulky pieces.


Performance Open - Maximum flexibility

Open class 4 concept, which allows a high degree of freedom while working on long and bulky parts.

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Stronger – enough power at any time

  • Up to 100 W output power and 50 Hz pulse frequency significantly increase welding speed.
  • Manual laser welding systems are frequently used as workhorses in rough workshop environments.
  • The cooling unit of the Performance is designed for a 100% duty cycle even at high ambient temperature.
  • The embedded control unit and state-of-the-art power supply enhance long-term stability and reliability – safeguarding reliable 24/7 operation.

Smarter – weld-assist systems for new level of control and user friendliness

  • The Performance cleverly takes advantage of welding intermissions for workpiece handling: the new SPEEDmodeTM increases the maximum pulse frequency significantly and uses work-piece handling time for reloading.
  • The ECOmodeTM saves energy during longer intermissions.
  • BURSTmodeTM and Pulse Ramping: simplify welding tasks or jobs asking for high concentration, like welding of delicate medical devices. They offer a new level of control and sensitiveness.
  • The unique Dynamic Foot Switch provides an intuitive control of welding speed or strength on the fly.