StarPack WD

Web Direction Processing of Packaging Material


The StarPack WD (web direction) was developed for scribing and perforating in high-speed production webs. A newly designed control software allows to combine perforation and scribing within one production process. With 4 optics and 32 processing heads StarPack WD even handles demanding applications.


Features at a glance

  • Laser power: 100 – 600 watts
  • Various wavelengths available: 10.6 microns; 10.25 microns; 9.3 microns
  • Scribing and Perforating in one step
  • Synchronization with the print on the films
  • Simple control concept

StarMap Software

StarMAP is the smart software solution for designing the optimum micro-perforation based on the oxygen-transmission rates of the packed product and individual storage conditions. Individually optimized packaging increases shelf life up to one week.

StarMAP comes with an USDA approved database of more than 160 products (fruits, vegetables, whole / fresh cut). The solution is well-established already at numerous converters. For a comparatively low investment, it offers package optimization possibilities which used to be reserved for the big players.


The software will record the oxygen-transmission rates of fruits or vegetables for designing the optimum micro-perforation pattern for a long shelf-life of the products.




Real-time monitoring of perforation hole diameter and percentage roundness.