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ROFIN at LASER World of Photonics 2015

Hamburg/Munich, Germany, June 22, 2015: Laser specialist ROFIN will be presenting the best of 40 years' experience in industrial laser technology at this year's "LASER World of Photonics" being held in Munich on June 22 - 25 (Hall A3, Booth 213). Innovations from all areas of technology will be on display, together with established bestsellers from ROFIN's wide-ranging product portfolio. Under the main theme of "Excellence in Technology", ROFIN will for the very first time be demonstrating all its laser beam sources bundled across the entire technology spectrum, while the area "Excellence in Applications" will be focusing on ROFIN's expertise in process development, as exemplified by selected, innovative applications.

Excellence in Technology – the full spectrum of ROFIN's laser beam sources

The innovative strength at ROFIN is reflected in the new and advanced developments of beam sources across the full technology spectrum – ranging from UV beam sources over ROFIN's broad program of short and ultrashort pulse lasers, fiber lasers from just a few watts up to several kilowatts, together with a new fiber-coupled diode laser, through to ROFIN's proven CO2 Slab laser technology.

UV lasers for marking and micro material processing

PowerLine E UV Series UV lasers with a wavelength of 355 nm are particularly suitable for marking plastics, as well as for classic laser marking applications and micro processing. The wavelength allows for extremely small spot diameters and therefore character heights < 100 µm. Due to the high repetition rates, ROFIN's UV lasers are ideal for marking plastics (ABS, PA) at extremely fast processing speeds, as required for short-cycle, industrial production processes, due to fine marking and structuring on glass and ceramic surfaces with a high peak performance without thermal disturbance. ROFIN's UV lasers in various performance classes will be presented at this year's LASER trade show.

New industrial ultrashort pulse laser in Hybrid MOPA design

ROFIN's newly developed StarFemto and StarPico ultrashort pulse lasers built on ROFIN's advanced Hybrid MOPA technology. They are designed not only for cutting all kinds of different materials, even brittle materials such as glass or sapphire, and the high-precision drilling of various hole geometries, but also for structuring work on a µm scale, the selective removal of layers, or for marking.

The StarFemto provides an average output of 20 W at repetition rates of up to 2 MHz. The StarPico with its 15 ps pulses produces an average output of 50 W at pulse frequencies of up to 30 MHz. ROFIN offers integration packages for both systems for a wide variety of applications. With their high repetition rates, patented programmable Burst Mode, and exceedingly robust and low-maintenance design, the StarPico and StarFemto set the standard for industrial ultrashort pulse lasers. Visitors to LASER 2015 will have the opportunity to observe ROFIN's patented SmartCleave™ FI glass cutting process in action with the StarPico.

Short pulse lasers for marking and micro material processing

Short pulse lasers from ROFIN offer a high pulse peak performance. This enhances the removal quality, reduces surface roughness, and allows for even greater precision for the selective removal of layers. The thermal penetration depth during removal-sensitive processes, such as marking certain metals and semiconductor materials, can likewise be significantly reduced with shorter pulses. PowerLine Pico Series lasers are ideally suited for challenging marking and micro applications. Short pulse laser solutions in different performance classes and wavelengths will be showcased at the LASER fair.

Fiber lasers with variable pulse widths

The PowerLine F 20 Varia complements ROFIN's successful series of fiber lasers. Variable pulse widths enable perfect results to be achieved for high-end applications (e.g. corrosion-free markings) with this model. The excellent quality of the laser beam ensures permanent maximum precision and the finest marking results. With its variable pulse width, the PowerLine F 20 Varia delivers best marking results in areas with large-scale removal at high speed (such as with metals) through to fine processing and removal.

StarFiber and StarFiber FC – outstandingly effective fine welding and fine cutting

StarFiber laser sources offer rated outputs between 100 W and 600 W with basic mode beam quality. With their exceedingly small spot diameters, the beam sources achieve high welding speeds in conjunction with diminished energy usage and lower heat input. ROFIN's StarFiber FC OEM beam sources were optimized for precision cutting and are characterized by their minimal trigger-to-light effect (power-on delay). The lasers deliver a superlative peak pulse performance even at extremely high repetition rates of up to 170 kHz. These product characteristics guarantee a minimized heat-affected zone, as well as straight cutting edges and an excellent cutting quality.  

ROFIN's 3rd generation high-power fiber lasers – efficient and robust

ROFIN's 3rd generation high-performance fiber lasers are true all-rounders, and display their strengths when cutting, welding, and in surface treatment applications. With its new ROFIN FL 080, ROFIN presents a fiber laser with an output power of 8 kW for economical, yet powerful welding and fast cutting. The integral beam switch and beam splitter allow optimum utilization of the beam source to be easily realized. Depending on the requirements, the beam quality can be ideally adapted to the specific application task. With its FL 040 C, ROFIN presents a compact 4 kW laser that will win over users thanks to the new high-power fiber laser modules with more compact dimensions than ever before, enabling it to be integrated in existing plant concepts with even greater ease.

All FL Series lasers are characterized by their high efficiency and excellent beam quality. They are equipped with the “ROFIN control unit” (RCU) which, in addition to diverse monitoring functionalities, also offers e-service capability, as well as simple realization of scanner-based applications.

Consistent further development of the product range: the new fiber-coupled 6 kW diode laser from ROFIN

ROFIN's new DF 060 HP fiber-coupled diode lasers with a 6 kW output power master every challenge posed by hardening, soldering or cladding applications. The modular design allows for simple power scaling, high availability and easy maintenance. The standardized user interface, together with remote access diagnostics using the ROFIN service, ensure maximum operator convenience. The compact and easily integrated lasers are available with a large number of options, providing for maximum flexibility and high production rates for industrial production lines. The high efficiency and the homogeneous beam profile make the ROFIN diode laser the ideal tool for all surface treatment applications. 

ROFIN's proven CO2 Slab laser technology rounds off the range

Whether for treating metal, plastic or wood surfaces – ROFIN's 2.5 kW bestseller from the ROFIN DC Series has already proven itself thousands of times over around the globe with its outstanding features and high utility value for customers, and is today a standard tool on many production lines. The diffusion-cooled ROFIN DC 025 has an excellent beam quality of K = 0.95, enabling it to achieve perfect machining results in conjunction with greater productivity. With a wavelength of 10.6 µm, CO2 lasers are ideally suited for treating not only metal surfaces, but also wood, plastics (incl. fiber-reinforced plastic), glass or textiles, through to paper. ROFIN's CO2 Slab lasers only comprise a few, extremely durable components, and do without a conventional gas circulation. The gas cylinder integrated in the laser head eliminates the need for an external gas supply. Up to an output of 5 kW, DC Series lasers have a gas consumption of just 0.1 l/h.

ROFIN's SR Series CO2 lasers are the perfect tools for cutting, structuring, deburring or marking paper, wood, plastic or other materials. The powerful 100, 150 and 250 W sealed-off lasers with their enclosed design and integrated RF technology are ideal for use in extreme climatic conditions (IP 67). The compact and lightweight design allows for simple integration or even installation on robotic arms. The enclosed construction results in longer intervals for replacing the gas cylinder, and make the laser practically maintenance-free. Every detail of the laser was designed with the utmost care right from the development stage to keep maintenance costs down to an absolute minimum. High throughput, cost-efficiency, flexibility and reliability are the main characteristics of the SR Series.

Excellence in applications – the application as the focal point

ROFIN's philosophy has always been to concentrate on the customer's application and prevailing parameters, and not on the respective laser technology. ROFIN's 40 years' experience in the market has enabled the company to acquire an profound knowledge of technologies and applications, and makes it capable of offering customers the best solution tailored precisely to their application, or even of developing new processes together with the customers. At the LASER World of Photonics, ROFIN will be displaying selected application processes in conjunction with its system solutions.

Perfect marking on free-form surfaces

ROFIN offers an integrated software module, which allows for visualization on any free-form surfaces by means of distortion-free parallel projection. This parallel projection ensures the geometrically correct reproduction of the marking layout even on curved or irregularly shaped surfaces, eliminating dimensional deviations or distortions. The software incorporates a 3D correction field for preparing the marking layout for the laser. The optionally available Fast Focusing Module (FFM) perfects the processing of irregularly shaped parts, particularly where significant divergences in height and large marking fields are involved. The LASER trade fair will feature a live presentation demonstrating how free-form surfaces are marked with the CombiLine Basic laser work station.

MPS Flexible – the universal laser workstation

ROFIN will be displaying a sapphire cutting process at LASER 2015 – the MPS Flexible. Its successful universal laser workstation pursues a well-conceived modular concept. Depending on the application, the state-of-the-art CNC controller operates one of the 4 available axis systems, ranging from the basic module with z-axis, up to high-precision 3-axis solutions set on granite. ROFIN offers a broad spectrum of beam sources for the system: various fiber lasers that have been specially optimized for precision cutting or welding, together with femtosecond and picosecond lasers for cold materials processing.

MPS Advanced – 1,000 mm travel path

At LASER 2015, ROFIN will be presenting with MPS Advanced its patented glass cutting process, SmartCleave™ FI. With a 1,000 mm travel path in the x-direction and 600 mm in the y-direction, the MPS Advanced offers a spacious work area. The system can be optionally fitted with sliding doors for loading cranes with heavy and/or unwieldy workpieces. Two high-precision axis systems mounted on granite with a repetitive accuracy of up to 2 ?m are available. The wide work chamber and enormous travel path of the x-axis predestine the system to be used for challenging applications with 2 laser beam sources with fixed optics.

Select – the universal manual welding laser

Visitors to the ROFIN booth will be able to try their hand at welding parts using this unbeatably easy-to-use system. ROFIN's Select is today one of the world's most widely used universal manual welding lasers for high-precision, CNC-controlled welding with manual or automatic workpiece placement. At LASER 2015, ROFIN will be presenting the latest improved version with a high-quality, servo-controlled axis system and completely redesigned CNC controller, which is now also available with fiber lasers.

EasyMark – a compact laser marker

Visitors to LASER 2015 will have the opportunity to directly label a workpiece. Modular and versatile – despite its extremely compact housing, ROFIN's EasyMark desktop laser marker offers a spacious work chamber. The system can be optionally equipped with a z-axis, various optics, and external or through-the-lens camera solutions. The 10 to 50 W air-cooled beam sources are fully integrated into the system.

ROFIN machining heads – efficient and precise

ROFIN applies its application know-how in expanding its existing range of machining heads, continually and with forward-thinking, on the basis of practical experience gained from customer applications and its familiarity with the industry.

The LLDROP and LLDROP DL rotating optics are ideal for spot, seam and segment-welding circumferential welds, and are exceptionally suitable for mass production on transfer lines, rotary tables or monorails, making them practically unrivalled where efficiency is concerned.
The selection of high-quality components, the control software, as well as the high-precision machining, form the basis for robust, long-lasting products. Safety is ensured by, among other things, a collision protection mechanism. The modular design allows the heads to be adapted to accommodate customer requirements with little effort, so that changes in existing production processes can be implemented quickly and easily. Only high-quality optical components are used to ensure a stable process. Mechanical stability and precision are achieved by taking the utmost care during production. The simple and precise nozzle centring, a quick-change coupling and the variety of rotation modules are exceptionally operator-friendly.

The practically loss-free beam splitting enables the FLBK60 Double, Triple and Quad multi-heads to simultaneously cut, bore or weld up to four duplicate workpieces with identical quality. Visitors to the ROFIN booth will be able to see the combined LFS 150 pulsed fiber laser and dual-head Double FLBK Sapphire live in action cutting sapphire. The LLDROP precision rotary optics and Quad FLBK fourfold machining head will also be on display.

The new ROFIN App – the direct line to Service & Sales

With the new ROFIN App the customer has the possibility to get in touch with ROFIN service & sales quick and easy – right on its mobile device. Thanks to the simple intuitive user interface functions can be selected easily. Scanning of QR Codes or taking a picture out of the application enables the customer for example a fast support by ROFIN. From now on the App will be available at the Apple, Google and Blackberry stores.


Whether CO2, solid-state, fiber or diode lasers, from ultrashort pulse to cw operation, ROFIN provides all of the decisive key technologies and covers the entire spectrum of industrial lasers. The product portfolio ranges from industry standard laser beam sources to compact all-in-one system solutions. The application areas for ROFIN lasers are as broad as the product range. ROFIN lasers are used for production in automotive industry, aircraft construction, machine tool industry, manufacturing of electronics and semiconductors, in medical device technology, in photovoltaics, packaging industry and plastic processing, in tool and mold making as well as in jewelry design. Whether it is the use of high-power lasers in harsh industrial environments, filigree laser applications in the µm-range or laser marking on various materials – ROFIN optimally meets all customer requirements in the field of laser technology.

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